WordPress 3.2 (Gershwin) Released & Ready To Download!

WordPress 3.2 is here! Released on 4th July 2011 it is now ready for download or automatic update,WordPress logo and is an update worth having, but check the requirements below with your web hosting service before upgrading.

This is a big update with major changes, and comes very soon after 3.0 in January. WordPress 3.2 includes changes to appearance, user interface and some big things ‘under-the-hood’.

WordPress 3.2 Web Hosting Requirements

You need to check that your web host supports PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5 (or later) because WordPress no longer works with PHP 4 or MySQL 4.

Be assured that website hosting from theWebalyst.com supports WordPress 3.2

Another thing to note is that WordPress has dropped support for Internet Explorer 6. Few websites will be impacted by this, but there are still large numbers of IE6 users in some geographical regions, governments and other slow to update organisations, so be sure you are not targeting such a group before moving to WordPress 3.2.

Should I Update WordPress Now?

In general I don’t update immediately when there is a major update of WordPress—I usually wait a while in case the release encounters problems. I like to give time for problems with plug-ins, or other incompatibilities to come to light, and be fixed. For minor updates, especially when these are security issues I update immediately.

Even if your web hosting is ready for WordPress 3.2 it might not be time to update right away. If your website depends on WordPress plug-ins, be aware that these may need updating to work with such a significant update (especially as it no longer supports IE6), and updating might leave you without some of your usual plug-ins. If that would be a problem, you should visit the plug-in repository or contact the author to check if the plug-in will work with WordPress 3.2 before you update.

Before you update: don’t forget to backup WordPress!

What’s New In WordPress 3.2

The most apparent improvements affect the dashboard and post editor user interfaces, plus a new default theme TwentyEleven. In addition, the under-the-hood changes mean that everything should be that much snappier and slicker.

You get more details of the changes from WordPress.org here.

Update and enjoy!

Upgrader’s Comments

From twitter:

“Tell you what I like about the WordPress 3.2 update – IT DOESN’T INSTALL THE BLOODY ‘HELLO DOLLY’ PLUGIN! Sorry @photomatt :-)” ~ @thepriceislight (July 5)

“With all the new features in WordPress 3.2, the speed in the admin is the thing I like most. Gimme more speed :-)” ~ @Yoast (July 5)

“@webalyst yep and it’s fine. No issues so far and a bit cooler to look at:-)” ~ @innahamedia



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