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Google Webmaster Academy just launched (May 2012) and I have immediately added it to my list of Essential Web Marketing Tools because it is great introduction to web marketing for small business owners.

This tutorial style guide is for everyone: those new to web marketing, those who want a refresher, and those looking to do something specific and want to know how. They are also a quick way to check you have not overlooked something important, and to keep up with best web marketing practice according to Google. Which is important as I explain in SEO For Newbies.


Google Webmaster Academy

Webmaster Academy Tabs The academy is implemented as three tabs (image right), each containing a tutorial for webmasters and web marketeers wishing to get maximum organic search traffic from Google (by gaining better ranking or SERP, in the results pages).

Yes, Google tells you how to get to the top of the Google search page! I strongly advise you listen to Google on this, and to put the phone down on any “I’ll get you on page one of Google” sales pitches. I’ve explained why, and how you could ruin your business by ignoring this advice, in SEO For Newbies.

Returning to the Webmaster Academy: Each tab contains a short well written tutorial for webmasters and web marketeers, and within each a list of sections with checkboxes so you can easily note what you’ve read and return later to fill in the gaps. This makes it easy to just read up on one aspect now and again, and see what you have not yet read.

Visit the Google Webmaster Academy

Web Marketing Tools

Webmaster Academy is one of my recommended: 3 Essential Web Marketing Tools

I’d love to hear what you use and what you think of different web marketing tools. Do you have any favourites? Or essentials I have not mentioned? If so, please let me know in a comment.

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