Leaping from Windows XP ThinkPad to Bodhi Linux

little_blue_penguin-adelaide_zoo-235pxFinally switched my ageing laptop from Windows XP to Linux…

Initial impressions good:
– faster shut-down (almost instant)
– faster boot
– faster login
– faster all round.. and not just a little. It is a LOT faster at everything. I haven’t yet had a chance to sit back and sigh impatiently. On Windows XP I was generally hyperventilating! 

I also have an encrypted disk… woo hoo. If my laptop ever gets lost or stolen my data should be safe. So wiping Windows XP and moving my ThinkPad to Bodhi Linux is looking good.

I installed Bodhi Linux as this has a non-PAE 32-bit distribution (needed for my IBM ThinkPad T41 which has an old CPU). I think I’d go for Bodhi on other systems too as I like the Enlightenment desktop (very easy to get used to from Windows) and it starts with a fairly bare bones setup so I can just add my own apps).

I wouldn’t recommend the home partition encryption for the novice user. I had to do quite a bit of research to get through it, and found my own way in the end! Note: the “encrypt home partition” checkbox in the Bodhi Linux installer doesn’t do anything. So I used “ecryptfs tools”. Note that the “adduser” command has an option to encrypt when you set up a new user, but I’m not sure if this works.

It is early days yet. I’m still installing applications and setting up synchronisation of files from my main machine (Windows 7) which promises to be error prone (Windows – Linux file sync). In the spirit of my new secure home partition I’ll be using SpiderOak of course (which is free): see SpiderOak encrypted backup and file sharing

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