How To Submit WordPress Sitemap Updates – Automatically

WordPress, Google, Bing and Yahoo!Publishing a sitemap is important for SEO and getting all your website pages indexed rapidly, and particularly when you add new content and you want it to be discovered fast, while it is still fresh and most interesting.

I’ll show you how with a small about of setting up, WordPress will generate, auto-update, and publish your sitemap to the major search engines whenever you add new content or publish a blog post. You’ll never have to generate, upload or submit another sitemap. Isn’t WordPress wonderful!

WordPress has its foibles, but they are far outweighed by the many things it saves you from having to do that a non-WordPress website owner has to do to keep up.

How To Submit WordPress Sitemap Updates – Automatically

Step 1: Create Your WordPress Sitemap

If you have not already done so, install the WordPress SEO plugin and configure it to automatically generate and update your WordPress sitemap as explained here: How To Create A WordPress Sitemap. Remember to make a note of the address of your sitemap, for example:

Now we can create a custom sitemap submission URL for each of Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

Step 2: Create Sitemap Submission URLs for Google, Bing, Yahoo! & Ask

Once you have your sitemap URL, you can use it to create your custom URLs as follows:

a) Open a plain text editor (such as Windows Notepad).

b) Copy and paste the following lines into it, exactly as shown. Each URL must be on a separate line.

c) Now add the complete URL of your sitemap to the end of each line. You will end up with something like this:

Sitemap submission URLs for Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask
You can test these by doing a ping manually. Copy each of your customised URLs, one at a time, into your browser address bar and press enter. If it works you’ll get a message like “Thanks for submitting a sitemap”.

To automate this process we add these URLs to the “Update Services” settings in WordPress.

Step 3: Have WordPress Submit The Sitemap To Google, Bing, Yahoo! & Ask

i) In WordPress go to Dashboard > Settings > Writing

ii) Scroll down to “Remote Publishing” and make sure “XML-RPC” is checked as shown here:

WordPress remote publishing settings

iii) On the same page locate “Update Services” and copy the custom sitemap submission URLs you just made from your editor, and paste them into the box underneath “Update Services” underneath any existing service URLs, as shown below. Each URL should be on a separate line.

iv) Finally, click “Save Changes”.

WordPress update services settings

All done! Whenever you publish or update content these URLs will be “pinged” and your sitemap submitted to all these search engines.

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2 comments to How To Submit WordPress Sitemap Updates – Automatically

  • Hamza

    Hi, well that was great info. I was trying to get this sitemap thing done for my website and it just solved every thing. I have given a google plus one for it and will recommend it to others. Great Job MARKH.

  • Johnny Buckley

    Thank you for this – was looking for the code to ping a site so I could do the automatic script and this had exactly what I needed.

    Just an update though Yahoo is now part of Bing so a ping to Yahoo will give an error.

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