How To Stop Facebook Using Your Actions To Promote Products

Protecting Your Privacy On Facebook

You may have noticed that sometimes your friends appear to endorse products in facebook adverts like the one shown here. What’s wrong with this you may wonder, after all, you did ‘Like’ this, so maybe its ok for facebook to show your endorsement on the advert too?

What’s Wrong With Social Actions In Adverts?

Its one thing for you to share your ‘Like’ in your status—as a one time mention of a business or product, which scrolls away in a few minutes. But…

  • What if the advert expresses something that you disagree with, or don’t want to be associated with? You can’t know how your name is being used.
  • What if you change your mind, perhaps after a bad experience with the business you once thought was great? (I don’t expect you keep your list of ‘Likes’ up to date.)
  • What if you ‘Liked’ something just so you could comment on it—to express a negative opinion?
  • What if you just don’t want your ‘Like’ to be used for commercial purposes?

If you don’t want your name used to endorse products in this way it is very simple to stop facebook doing this. See below…

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How To Stop Facebook Using You In Advertising

facebook menuMake sure your privacy and permissions settings are how you want them. Following these steps will stop facebook using your photos for advertising purposes:

  1. Log into
  2. Choose “Account” > “Account Settings” (from top right menu)
  3. Click the tab “Facebook Advertising”
  4. Click “Edit social adverts setting”
  5. Choose “No one” in the list box
  6. Click “Save Changes”

Done. If you haven’t already done so, you might want to stop facebook piggy-backing adverts onto your actions. See How To Stop Facebook Using Your Photos In Advertising

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