How To Not Re-use Your Password

It is important not to use a password for more than one online service unless you’re ok with them all being hacked. Because if one service is hacked a hacker can quickly gain access to your other services.

Of course, there’s a good reason why you might re-use passwords—its hard to remember more than a couple, especially if they are strong passwords. There are two simple ways to deal with this:

  1. Let your browser remember them for you, 0r
  2. Think of a scheme to help you remember the password for each site while keeping it strong. See how to do this below:

How To Remember Lots Of Good Passwords

You must keep your scheme secret, so don’t tell anyone precisely how you decide to do this.. oops! Better keep some of this secret while telling you enough, or I will have to shoot you.

So, start with a strong password and adapt it slightly for each online service you use based on something you can easily remember for each website (for example using part of the name of the service, or the domain name etc.)

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