How To Invite Facebook Friends To Google+ & Diaspora, Export To Spreadsheet (CSV File)

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Here’s one short video that is bloody brilliant!

Invite Facebook friends to Google+ or Diaspora in just 5 minutes!

Facebook does not want you to get at your data: it has blocked browser plugins and apps that help you do this. Facebook does provide a “download your data” feature, but the output is of little use because it is in HTML, and does not include email addresses.

This short video provides a solution, but don’t delay in case Facebook blocks this method!

It shows you how to export your Facebook friends, including name and email address so that you can easily invite them to Google+, Diaspora and other social networks. You’ll also be able to import your friends to just about anything else that understands a CSV file, such as other email applications, spreadsheets or databases.

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Here’s the video (see below for a summary of the process):


How To Export Facebook Friends Emails – Summary

Watch the video for details, this is just a summary of the process. You’ll need a Yahoo! account to do this so if you don’t have one yet, go set one up and then:

  1. Login to your Yahoo! email
  2. Go to “Contacts”
  3. Import from Facebook
  4. Export your Yahoo! contacts to a CSV (spreadsheet) file

You now have all your Facebook friends’ emails in a format that allows it to be imported into Google+ and many other applications, such as other social networks or email services or email clients. Awesome!

Even Facebook’s built in “download your data” function doesn’t do this. Firstly it doesn’t give you the email addresses of your friends, and secondly it outputs the data in HTML format which is far from useful. It lets you browse it but not easily import it or make use of it, which is surely the point of exporting it!

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