How To Increase Website Traffic 30% In A Month

What a lovely graph! The image shows how my website traffic grew over the last 30 days. If you measure the first and last peaks you’ll see it is up over 30% in one month (the dips are weekends).

If you want to know how to increase website traffic, read on!

The graph is important because it shows the increase is not just a temporary spike (e.g. due to being featured on a popular blog). I’m sure you know what that looks like—straight up, and then a fairly rapid decline. No, this is steady growth because you can see it rising week by week over the period.

Of course I don’t get 30% growth every month, but this upward trend has been a feature of since I launched it a couple of years ago. Over any significant period (3 months, 6 months or a year) there has been overall growth in website traffic. So how do I do this?

How To Increase Website Traffic

I have never used paid search or advertising of any kind with, so my traffic has always comes from unpaid services and referrals from other websites. I have used paid search in other contexts, for clients and for one of my other businesses, so I’m not averse to it, but for it isn’t appropriate.

Most of my visitors arrive from Google—i.e. organic search. The stuff we all get for free.

Good SEO & Search Marketing

What this means is that I’m doing good SEO (search engine optimisation) and good search marketing. These days of course this includes good social marketing (I use facebook, twitter, Linkdin, Google+ and others), as well as other online services.

Since I started, traffic has grown steadily, and almost entirely due to me providing content that people want, and paying attention to good ethical SEO. I don’t use any tricks or risky techniques. Many websites are tempted to do this, or employ people to do SEO on a pay by results basis. 

It’s another topic, but I’ve written about why you should never pay by results for SEO or online marketing.

The Secrets of My Success:

1) Good Search Marketing. The reason Google is sending me more traffic comes down to two things: I’m providing good quality content, and I’ve made sure Google knows and trusts my website.

2) Proper Use Of WordPress. Another of the reasons I’ve done so well is that is built using WordPress and features a blog. While building into a successful business I’ve learned what a fantastic advantage I gained by choosing to use WordPress. So now I specialise in helping other businesses, by creating and hosting properly configured WordPress websites for small business.

The Secret Of A Good Blog

WordPress is the blog king, but it is not just about blogs: my website provides information about me, my services and so on, and if that is all you need, WordPress is still a great choice (which is one reason why more websites are built with WordPress than any other CMS).  

I use my blog to generate interest and attract more visitors. Mostly I blog when I feel I have something I want to say that I believe my customers will find valuable. I find that works best for me personally and ensures good quality.

Don’t believe all you are told about blogging. It is a personal thing, and I’ve found a way that works for me. Something else might work for you, but there is one very important point to remember.

Whatever you’ve heard about having to blog weekly, daily or even twice daily is rubbish. As I’ve said, I blog when I feel like it. Very occasionally I will write three posts in one week, but often a month or two will go by without me posting anything. So frequency or regularity are not essential. What is essential is the quality and suitability of what you write.
Think about it: if you end up putting together worthless content, it won’t matter how frequently you blog. So it is essential that the content you provide is relevant and well written (for visitors and SEO), no matter how frequently, infrequently, regularly or erratically, you post. Let me know if you need some tips or coaching with this, its a skill which you can learn with  time and and a good teacher.

Blogging Aim: Write From Yourself

Of course it is better if you can write a brilliant post every day or every week, but posting frequently or regularly won’t make up for writing something for the sake of it, or rehashing things you’ve read elsewhere. Your aim should be to write stuff that comes from yourself, from your knowledge and experience. You may not be able to do that right away, but keep it as your aim. One way to see it is as a kind of personal development: reflect on what you’ve done, what you want to improve, and keep that in mind as you proceed.

So when I feel I have something to say that my customers will find interesting I write it. Usually there and then. I do have a file of notes for things to blog about, but I have never used it. Not once, even though it is brimming with good ideas and half written posts! I just don’t find that way works for me.

Some Blogging Tips

When writing I do a few basic things to make it an interesting and valuable read. I apply good SEO techniques as I write, and when I publish I promote it in the ways I believe will give it useful exposure.

I don’t over-concern myself with SEO, or rules. Sometimes I just hit publish, but generally I try to do most of the following:

  • choose a great title, then work a keyword into it that I think will be good for this article
  • have at least a featured image (the one at the top left of most of my posts)
  • include the keyword in the first sentence, and a level 2 heading
  • include an image within the body of the post
  • write a meta description that includes the keyword
  • select suitabable categories and tags for the post
  • ensure the post URL (permalink) includes the post title and keyword
  • read and refine before publishing

Don’t Make Blogging Checklists Into A Rule

Having just given you a checklist beware that it doesn’t become a rule. It is more important that you put out your ideas than create the perfect post each time. Over time writing and SEO gets easier, and with practice you’ll start to do them without thinking. So by all means have a checklist in mind, but don’t let it stop you publishing.

Blogging Is Personal, Not A Formula

I hope these pointers will help you improve and create steady growth of traffic to your website. Not necessarily doing exactly the same thing, because the same methods won’t necessarily apply to you or your business.

Can I Show You: How To Grow Website Traffic?

I help small businesses increase website traffic and grow online. I do this for myself, and for others. I adapt or create new techniques to get the results you want.

The approach I use for can work well for most kinds of business, but the magic of good online marketing happens when I get to know your business, and adapt the marketing techniques for your market, your unique offer, and for you personally.

To do this I take the time to get to know you, to understand your market and your customers, and work closely with you to build sustainable website traffic, making use of search engines, social networks and other marketing platforms that work best for you.

How I Make This Affordable For Small Businesses Like Yours

To get to know your business I will need to work for you with some regularity. Obviously that means you’ll be paying me to work for you over a period of time, which could be expensive. However, I have developed ways of working that make me affordable even for a small one-person business. visitors 13 Oct—12 Nov 2012

To make this work for you, you will need to be sure that the money you spend with me is paying for itself through the extra income it is generating. Since online marketing takes time this won’t be apparent immediately, so we can do things gradually at a level that you can afford. You’ll need to consider the value of sustained growth in website visitors. What would it mean if your traffic grew by 30% in a month? For example, imagine if the graph here were for your website, how much would it be worth to have 30% growth over a single month?

Once you reach a certain point, a good way to work can be to agree a regular monthly budget, and for me to just get on with things. But usually it works best to start with something small. This takes longer to deliver results, but helps makes things affordable. It also provides a way for you to get to know me, feel confident about my suggestions, and for us to develop a good working relationship.

Getting Started

To start with I can suggest some small steps to get things going. For example, I could do a short review to examine your website or business situation and make some recommendations. From there you might decide to have me do some work on your website to attract visitors or improve your response rate. Taking one step at a time.

If you like what I’m doing, at some point you might prefer to just give me a monthly budget and have me get on with building your online presence, attracting customers to your website and generating business. For this I have developed affordable “all-in-one” marketing services. This option frees up time for you to spend on other areas, including delivering your services to your customers.

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If you’d like to know how to increase your website traffic, get in touch and let’s see how I could help you.


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  • Colin Dawson

    Creating a website is just the starting point, it is no use having a website if you are not going to use some techniques to generate traffic towards the site and once you recieve that traffic, to be compelling to the viewer. (As I learnt the hard way in the past)!

    Not many people know of the wide range of techniques that you can use to generate traffic to your site and in turn achieve a higher search engine ranking and secure leads.

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