How To Get 25 ‘Likes’ In 15 Minutes (for Free) For A Facebook Page Vanity URL?

In this post I’ll show you how to set up a Facebook page (it takes only seconds) and get it to the magic 25 ‘Likes’ needed for a vanity URL in under fifteen minutes.

UPDATE: Facebook have blocked Twiends and several similar services in the last few days (writing 21st June 2011) so references to twiends in this post are no longer valid. I am looking for alternatives to twiends, and some possibles are documented in the following post; to keep updated click the link and then leave a comment:

Blog post: Alternatives to Twiends and Getting 25 or more Facebook likes

Why 25 ‘Likes’ is important and what is a vanity URL?

You can set up a facebook page for your business in a couple of minutes, but getting your first ‘Likes’ is much harder, and is important for two reasons. Firstly it looks better, making your page more attractive to visitors who are more likely to ‘Like’ it. Secondly, you will need 25 ‘Likes’ before Facebook will let you have a punchy, memoragle address for your page, like

Until you have 25 ‘Likes’, your page address will be something like this:

Clearly is much nicer!

Getting those initial ‘Likes’ isn’t easy unless you have lots of friends willing to help you out, so I’ll show you a really simple way to achieve this that is free and takes no more than 15 minutes.

Step 1: A Facebook Page

To start you need a Facebook page. Even a very rudimentary page will do, so if you haven’t got one yet do this now, it takes only a few seconds:

Go to and in a few clicks you have at least a very basic Facebook page for your business. No need to fill out any detail at this point!

You have your Facebook page, but until you have at least 25 ‘Likes’ you can’t select that punchy, memorable address or “vanity URL”. So here is the solution…

Step 2: Get 25 Facebook Page Likes – in 15 minutes?

Twiends logoTwiends is a free online service that helps you build your social media network, and is ideal for getting your Facebook page off to a flying start, and across the magic threshold of 25 ‘Likes’ needed for a vanity URL. Twiends also helps with Twitter and YouTube, not just Facebook.

How to get 25 Facebook Page Likes in 15 Minutes—completely free:

  1. Get a Twiends account here: signup for free at Twiends
  2. Add your Facebook page to Twiends
  3. Sit back and watch your ‘Likes’ grow. Note that there can be a short delay before they show up on your Facebook page after showing on Twiends (up to ten minutes).
  4. Monitor how many seeds you have left and if you run out, top up by ‘Liking’ a few other pages.
  5. If you stop getting ‘Likes’ click “Edit” to increase the number of seeds Twiends offers other for each ‘Like’ of your page

Once you have 25 ‘Likes’ go to and reserve the vanity URL you want. If you delay, be aware that you’ll lose some ‘Likes’ and may have to bump them up again (I lost 10%-20% of Twiends ‘Likes’ overnight and 50% in the next few days).

Twiends can really get your Facebook page going. Take a look at the impact it had on the monthly users for the first Facebook page I tested:




Facebook insights showing impact on monthly active users

Facebook insights showing impact of Twiends on monthly active users


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More About Using Twiends

If you want to understand more about Twiends and how to use it more intelligently, not just to get a few ‘Likes’ but to create opportunities for your business, see my “related posts” below.

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