How To Format Google+ Posts Using Bold Or Italic Text

Google+ Text FormattingA great way to help your posts stand out and at the same time make them easier to read, is to use bold and italic text styles.

A heading in bold makes it easier for someone to spot what your post is about when it arrives in their feed, and using italics for quotations etc.

By highlighting the important words and phrases you can help busy readers assimilate the information more easily, improving readability, and of course helps your post to stand out against unformatted content.

How To Format Google+ Posts Using Bold Or Italics

To format your text all you do is surround it with * (asterisk) for bold or _ (underline) for italic. You can also use – (minus) for strikethrough style. Here are some examples:

Typing this:
To make *three words bold,* and one _italic,_ and one -strikethough.-

Will look like this:
To make three words bold, and one italic, and one strikethough.

Careful formatting of your Google+ posts can be a win-win for both you and your followers.

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