Great Event Tonight At Networking4Therapists

I am not a natural networker, but this event is consistently fun as well as useful, thanks to it being so well run. Great for anyone just starting up or wanting to put some new life into their marketing, or just have a fun evening with lovely people—you know who you are 🙂

A bonus was a great talk by Bart Eccles called “Is Your Web Presence Working Hard Enought For You.”

Bart’s Popular Tip: Never Copy From Your Own Website

The most popular point, going by the reaction, was that you should never copy and paste text from your website to another website (such as a listing, directory, blog) because it will be seen by Google as duplicate content, and this can cause Google to penalise your website.

Next event is Tuesday Nov 20th (Islington, London) – see you there!

If you might be there leave a comment and I’ll look out for you 🙂

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