Google+ versus Diaspora*—Blog Post Interaction Analysis

Google+ versus DiasporaThis post reports objective data showing that for ordinary users, Diaspora* appears to be more democratic, and certainly a far more interactive community than Google+.

Google+ appears to have become dominated by a small elite of “big guns” (some actually paid by Google). These people have massive followings and hoover up the interaction of others who’s posts pass relatively unnoticed. Ordinary users tend to find crumbs of interaction in the comment threads of the posts from the elite few, but find it hard to find attract followers.

My impression is that in its rush to create a community large enough to compete with Facebook, Google+ has created its own version of the so-called 1percent / 99percent imbalance!

So what are the facts?

How Google+ And Diaspora* Compare—Starting Points

Google+: 40+ million users (November 2011). Opened to public September 2011.

Diaspora*: 200,000 users interacting on (November 2011)

I’ve been using Diaspora* since early October and Google+ a little longer. I am very active on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Diaspora*.

Google+ versus Diaspora*—Analysis Of Interaction

In mid November I published an identical post simultaneously on Google+ and Diaspora*. The post was a brief, rough and ready, subjective comparison of the two services after my first few weeks using them side-by-side.

One of the points I made was that as an ordinary user, my posts were routinely getting far more interaction than any posts have ever done on Google+. This despite 200x more users on Google+ than Diaspora*. In that post I gave some thought to why that might be (see links to the post at the end).

A day later, the different levels of interaction on the two services were evident in the differing number of Likes, Reshares and Comments the post received on each service. Here are the results.

Google+ 1 Like, 2 reshares, 4 comments

Diaspora* 36 Likes, 41 reshares, 61 comments

Oh, and in that same period (1 day) my contacts grew disproportionately on Diaspora* too:

Google+ Followers 115 (+4) Followed by 71 (+4)

Diaspora* Followers 179 (+34), Followed by 204 (+42)

I was pretty active that day and my followers don’t grow at this rate every day, but I am getting more and more interactions and follows as time passes. Looks like I’ll hit the singularity in early 2012 😉

I’d love to hear your impressions of either service whether they are consistent or inconsistent with my own.

You can read my subjective comparison of Google+ versus Diaspora*, and see how the interaction has continued. Read it on either Diaspora* or Google+ below:

Diaspora*: Google+ versus Diaspora*

Google+: Google+ versus Diaspora*

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