2 comments to Google Account Activity Report – Track What Google Tracks About You!

  • Tom

    I have always planned to use a second account, or to remember to sign back out of google accounts. Sometimes the targeted advertising unnerves me, there have been lots of instances where it picks up on the purpose of a particular web search and starts offering me products, I know its just keywords, but I don’t like the idea that if somebody cares enough they could piece together a lot of information about my life from my web history. I have paused web history but it hasnt stopped the targetted advertising. I know thats how they make money, but the fact is I dont like advertising, I have clicked on ads before, but only because they were misleading, or when I got to the website the product or service was overpriced, which I guess is necessary when you pay huge sums for advertising. Its actually kinda funny, google ads will suggest a product, then using google you can find invariably find that product cheaper anyway. I wonder what the stats are of google ad clicks that result in actual revenue to businesses?

  • Robert J

    Thanks for sharing Mark, handy asset here for folks who want to check those checking on them. Well a little anyway, no doubt all and more available to agencies who want to know what we had for breakfast!

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