Get A Freelance Start-up Business Website For FREE – Use The New Enterprise Allowance Scheme (DWP)

CashGood news for people starting a small freelance business: from October 2011, the UK government is offering you up to £2,274.

The New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) provides £1,274 cash (as a weekly allowance) and up to £1,000 as an optional loan to help with start up costs such as—dare I say—getting yourself a smart website to attract your first customers!

Full details here: New Enterprise Allowance Scheme

Website package details: A Small Business Website You Can Edit Yourself

The great thing about having set up your website for you is that we are a small business like you, that specialises in meeting the needs of small business. We also have our own web hosting business, so as well as a personal service, you get premium quality web hosting at a super low price (your first year is included in the website package).

Start-up Website Package: No Hidden Costs—Free Domain For Life!

If you buy our website set-up package using money from the DWP New Enterprise Allowance Scheme covers all your website costs and still leaves hundreds of pounds over to fund the rest of your start-upbusiness.

Our business website set-up package includes everything you need—there are no hidden extras, no domain renewal fees, and no moving fees so you are never locked in. What you see really is what you get, and because you can edit your website yourself, after the first year you need only pay our super low hosting charges. This is perfect for a small business start-up.

Start-up website package details: A Small Business Website You Can Edit Yourself

Already got a website? Read about: Premium Quality Business Web Hosting At Small Business Prices

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