Get A Free WordPress Website!

I’m so confident you’ll love WordPress that I’ll set up a WordPress website for you for free.

After 30 days you can just leave it with no obligation, having learned what WordPress could do for you and your business. Alternatively, if you want to keep what you’ve created, you just pay for the hosting and “hey presto,” you’ll have your own website! Hosting costs only £39.95/year, or approximately $65/year including your own domain name (no hidden extras)!

How To Get A Free WordPress Website – no credit card needed

To get a Free WordPress Website for 30 days, just tell me the name you’d like for the website (e.g. “My Business”) and I’ll set you up a temporary WordPress website all configured and ready for you to create some pages or a blog.

If you want a “strapline” underneath the website name I’ll add that too. You can also choose to include a blog, and have this either on a separate page, or as the “home” page of your website. That’s it. I’ll do the rest 🙂

To order, with no money, credit card or obligation send me an email via the contact page and tell me the name and strapline you want. If you want a blog, tell me if you want the blog to appear on the home page or a separate page.

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