Free eBook Template for LibreOffice Writer (and OpenOffice)

Here’s a simple stylish eBook template for use with LibreOffice (or OpenOffice) Writer. I created it from scratch after being disappointed at the text styles and layout of the free templates I found online.

Click here: download free eBook Template for LibreOffice Writer (and OpenOffice)

eBook Template Description

A stylish template for creating professional eBooks in LibreOffice Writer (or OpenOffice). Very easy to use with self explanatory contents, easily configured and infinitely customizable.

Comes pre-configured to create a stylish ebook layout, including front page, table of contents (auto-updatable), chapter headings, header, footer etc.

Make a professional and very stylish eBook in minutes, then use LibreOffice to make your PDF (with File/Export as PDF…) and you’re done.

eBook Template Features

Clear stylish layout, with samples included (see image for examples) including:
– cover page
– table of contents
– Heading 1: chapter heading
– Heading 2: subheading (listed in contents)
– Heading 3: subheading (not in contents)
– drop cap at start of chapter
– set title, sub-title, author using File/Properties
– page header ready for your logo
– page footer with pagination
– easy “eBook” styles defined for: text, captions, bullet list, numbered list
– high visibility quotation style (with drop cap)
– high visibility highlight style (in shaded box)
– page footer & footnote style

Terms of Use

The template file is protected by copyright, but free for use as follows:

  • eBooks: you may use the file to create your eBook(s), and then make modifications to those eBooks without limitation (no need to credit me in your eBook)
  • Sharing: you may share the file with anyone, by email, upload to any website, or any other means of distribution, provided the file has not been modified or renamed, and no charge is made for the file.
  • Bundling: you are permitted to bundle the template file as part of a commercial product provided the product contains the following message alongside your own copyright and license information: “Portions Copyright (c) 2011”
  • Derived Templates: you may modify the template file to create derived eBook templates, provided that you retain the message at the bottom of the front page exactly as it is in the unmodified template file (i.e. the message which directs people wanting more eBook templates to

Please let me know if how you get on and if you create an eBook let me know if you’d like me to link to your eBook. It would be great to put up a page of eBooks that started from my template!

Need Help With Your eBook?

I’ve written many carefully edited and formatted reports for presentation to demanding clients, as well as producing my own eBooks for distribution online, website authoring, graphics work and so on. Part of my work is coaching and tutoring people with computer and marketing, so I am an ideal person to help you create a professional eBook.

I can show you how to create a great eBook with readily available free software, and some guidance from me in eBook authoring, use of the tools, and help gaining skills as needed.

Get in touch if you would like help with your eBook or any other computer skill or problem. Read more about: computer help services

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11 comments to Free eBook Template for LibreOffice Writer (and OpenOffice)

  • Josh

    Thanks for this. I’ve been meaning to start making myself a template to explore Open/LibreOffice features for a while and this gets me off to an excellent start!

  • Marla

    This template is great!

    I have a way of turning a paper cut into a bullet hole, so we shall see how this works out. So far, I have run into a few walls in the labyrinth of LibreOffice, OpenOfficeOrg (Apache Office Org), MSWord, and the many opportunities I have to break something during the conversion process. There is a saying about me: “If it can be broken, she will break it.”

    At this moment, my hope is to go ahead and make two e-books with this template, then push them through the converters and previewers. I keep doing the same things, expecting different results.

    Best wishes,

  • Marla

    Okay, here’s what’s going on with my attempts to use the template: Libre Office 3.4 was resisting the efforts to fill in the “Properties” fields. At my wits’ end, I chased down OpenOffice (now ApacheOffice) and downloaded the latest version. The latest version of OpenOffice worked swimmingly with this template. I have been here and done this before, so I take a leap in guessing that OpenOffice 3.3 works well for this template. That’s all the information I have at the moment. Take my comments lightly, please, as I do not claim to be an expert. Best, Marla

  • Marla

    … but … I still have to 1) fill in the properties; 2) save the document; 3) close the document; and, 4) re-open the document to see my changes in the properties fields. This is in OpenOffice (now ApacheOffice)3.3

  • Marla

    I am here today to re-download Mark’s free eBook template. It gets buried in my files so deeply that it’s easier to come here for a re-download. I have made many errors; sought to correct them, and succeeded. The process is coming together nicely. Mark, I will gladly take you up on your offer to present a summary guest blog post. But first, I need to fix up two books. They are not working as they should. There is a new and exciting tool available! Mark, you have to keep after me, so nudge me if I don’t get back in a fairly timely manner. Happy eBook-making to all! Best wishes, Marla

  • Marla

    Hi and thanks again for the template. I am returning today to download it again because I am adept at losing it somewhere in the depths of work I create for myself. Honestly making an ebook with Mark’s template need not be difficult. The difficulty is in the Writer program of choice. LibreOffice is my choice, since OpenOffice (now Apache) is difficult to follow around the Internet. Both are great programs for ebook writers. Mark’s template is my go-to template, even for Kindle. Kindle is intolerant of certain features in the template; but, I am undeterred, and have learned to overlook the errors produced in KindleGen. In fact, I go straight to Kindle with my ebook, since LibreOffice has an amazing extension. I let Kindle fuss with the ePub file until it is satisfied. The beauty is, I can let them do that, and keep my document in ePub! Well, thanks Mark, and good luck to all. –Marla

  • Another Josh

    Hi Mark,

    Have you seen any issues with libreOffice 3.5.1?

    When I attempt to apply the heading styles, especially to denote new chapters, the way the style shows up does not match its description. For example the Heading 1 Style always says that it is 22 points, but the text shows up in writer as 14 points.

    THANKS for making this available!


    • Josh,

      I haven’t tested with 3.5 because it was so buggy (crashed a spreadsheet instantly) that I immediately uninstalled and went back to 3.4. This sounds like another LibreOffice bug – I can’t see how it can be a problem with how I created the template!

      Thanks for reporting this – I can’t think of a solution other than using LibreOffice 3.4.


  • Axel

    Cool stuff – I found this with a simple google search 🙂
    Thank you very much!

    Regards from Germany, Axel

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