Firefox 4 Missing Address Bar / Menu Bar

When upgrading to Firefox 4 you may find that the menu (File, Edit, View etc) and the “Address bar” are no longer visible, at least on Windows 7.

Firefox 4 Address Bar Broken? Always Blank?

Some, like me, have taken the “Navigation toolbar” for the “Address bar”, and thought it was broken (always blank). They started disabling plugins to find out what was interfering with it, and some claim to have fixed it by doing this but that’s probably a mistake!

Despite the misleading name, the “Navigation toolbar” is merely a search bar, not the “Address bar” and that’s why it stays blank when you navigate to a website! So…

To fix the Firefox 4 Address bar, there’s no need to disable any plugins (add-ons in Firefox speak), see below.

But first, another symptom.

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Alt-D No Longer Works In Firefox 4

Alt-D no longer works in firefox 4, really? This is a handy keyboard shortcut supported in all browsers I’ve used for years (and I’ve used a lot of browsers) so this was a major change for me.

If you don’t know, Alt-D is a really handy keyboard shortcut. Use it to select the contents of the address bar so you can then quickly type in and visit a new website.

How To Fix The Blank/Missing Address Bar in Firefox 4

Its very simple to fix (or rather restore) the address bar, and get Alt-D working again in firefox 4:

  • Press ‘Alt-V’ followed by ‘T’ and finally M’

Alt-V opens the View menu, T opens the Toolbar submenu, and M toggles the Main Menu on (assuming it was off which will be the case if you have no Address bar).

If this worked for you please let me know in a comment.

Hopefully this will be fixed in a future release. On the plus side I’ve been using Firefox 4 for a while now and it is much improved in several areas, particularly start-up time and memory use. I think the user interface (UI) lags a long way behind Chrome, but Firefox is an excellent browser and so I use both every day.

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