Facebook Marketing Tip: What To Put In My Personal Facebook Profile

Facebook logoI don’t put much personal information in my personal Facebook profile. Why not? I will explain in a moment, but oddly perhaps, maintaining my privacy benefits my Facebook marketing. This is because by not sharing much personal information I am able to make my personal profile visible to everyone, and use my personal profile to share the things that I want to be public: my business.

For an example of how to use your personal profile for Facebook Marketing, take a look at my Facebook Marketing Tip: Add Your Facebook Pages To Your Personal Profile

So, if Facebook marketing isn’t why I don’t list personal information on my public profile, what is the reason? After all, Facebook are very keen for us to do this.

Why I Don’t List My Personal Information

I list hardly any personal information. There is no need, because my friends will either already know this kind of information, or know its ok to ask. For information that isn’t generally known, I can choose to share it directly, with the people I want to know about it at the time I choose. This is like real life, and real life is that way for good reason!

Putting a lot of personal information in a public place doesn’t make sense to me. Facebook encourage it not because its good for you and me, but because it is in their commercial interests.

Facebook want information on us because it helps commercialise our presence—through targeted advertising for example. Personally I don’t like this. I’d prefer a consumer-cooperative social network, like diaspora, but for now Facebook is dominant so I use it.

I don’t go around in real life sporting a billboard of my personal history and CV. I don’t want to encourage people to approach me with offers—on Facebook or on the street—because I prefer to shop at my own volition. So why wear a “personal billboard” on Facebook!?

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