Facebook Marketing Tip: Add Your Facebook Pages To Your Personal Profile

Facebook logoThis is such an obvious but useful tip I am kicking myself for not having thought of it sooner!

Instead of presenting people with a lengthy CV of places I used to work I have now used my business Facebook Pages to show my current employment. This both looks good and shares my Facebook Page with anyone looking up my personal profile on Facebook.

I have two occupations: one is as theWebalyst.com and the other is my private counselling practice (I am a psychosynthesis counsellor in Walthamstow, London). Now when someone visits my Facebook profile, this is what they see:


Click the image to visit my live Facebook profile, and if you want to connect, 'Like' my Facebook page (I only 'friend' personal friends)

Nice! Well apart from the photo perhaps—does anyone like their own portrait? Anyway, as you see, the most prominent thing in the information section are my businesses presented in a helpful way: logo, Facebook page name and short description.

If you like this, you can set this up yourself in a couple of minutes.

How To List Your Facebook Page In Your Personal Facebook Profile

To list your Facebook page in your profile:

  1. Log into Facebook
  2. Click “Edit My Profile” (top left near your profile picture)
  3. Click “Education and Work” (on the left)
  4. Type the name of your Facebook page in “Employer” and then fill out the information. I only provided a description.
  5. Click “Add Job”
  6. Repeat for any other businesses and then check your Privacy preferences (see below) to make sure people you want to see this can see it!

Publicise Your Facebook Page

If you want to get maximum exposure for this I recommend making this visible to “everyone” (not just friends). To do this, visit “Account > Privacy preferences” and make “Bio” is visible to “everyone.” Then, make sure you’ve only put things in your Bio that you are happy to be  completely public (see my thoughts on this in Facebook Marketing Tip: What To Put In My Personal Facebook Profile).

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