EU Cookies Plugin—EU Privacy Directive Compliance For WordPress Websites

The EU Cookies Plugin helps your WordPress website comply with EU privacy regulations, with NO popups, NO scarey messages, and NO disabling of website functionality.

This plugin won’te lose you website traffic.

For almost all websites, it will be sufficient to install this plugin, check that it applies to what you actually do, and that’s it—you’ll be compliant with the current EU regulations.

Unlike other plugins, which insert an obtrusive popup or other UI complexity, the EU Cookies Plugin helps you comply with the EU privacy directive in a way that visitors will probably not notice unless they’re specifically looking for information on privacy & cookies. But if visitors do go looking for information on your website about privacy or use of cookies, or to check that you comply, a suitable page of information has automatically been added by the plugin for anyone who wants it (regulator or customer).

Note: EU privacy regulations apply to all websites outside the EU which cater for EU citizens, not just EU based websites, and not just to business websites. That means pretty much all websites!

Does The Plugin Create A Popup Cookies Permission Dialog?

This plugin helps compliance without any popups or discouraging messages, and your visitors will probably not notice any difference after you install it.

Some plugins and website designers have chosen to create a popup that blocks access to the website a visitor gives permission for the website to store cookies on their computer (or device). Or which lets the visitor disable the use of cookies before they proceed.

Very few websites need to go that far, which is good news because let’s face it, that will be a disaster for website traffic.

To preserve website visitor numbers you need to avoid a cookies “permission dialog” if at all possible. The good news is that almost every ordinary website can comply without this! Such a drastic measure is only necessary for a very few websites, so you should be absolutely sure that you need that before doing something so damaging.

Sceptical? Want to be on the safe side? Certainly you would be unwise to just take my word for it, because I’m not a lawyer, and given this is a free plugin, I don’t give any guarantee that what I say here is correct. Let me explicitly state that I might well be wrong! But luckily you don’t have to take my word for it, because I’m just mimicing what the UK’s Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) website does!

I created the EU Cookies Plugin to mimic what the DCMS website does. Why? Because the DCMS is the government department which oversees implementation of EU privacy directives!

So I suggest that you install the EU Cookies Plugin, check the privacy statment it has created for you (via the link in the footer of each page), and then go and check that your website is doing the same standard things as the DCMS.

Install The EU Cookies Plugin

You can install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard, or have me set-up for a small fee:

Once the plugin is active, so long as your website is just doing standard stuff, you should be fine. By standard stuff I mean with access logs, website analyitcs, forms, logins etc., and not using cookies to store personally identifiable details. To confirm this, click the “Website Privacy & Cookies” link at the bottom of one of your website pages, and confirm that everything it says is true for your website.


The plugin is not currently customisable, though if it proves popular I’ll consider any requests for this.

What you can do is provide additional links to the privacy page, such as from your main menu, or elsewhere on your website. Use the same URL as in the footer link.

What Does The EU Cookie Plugin Do?

The main things you’ll notice are a link in the footer of every page, and that when you click that link you are taken to a page about privacy and use of cookies. The page doesn’t exist in your WordPress database, so you can’t edit it, though I make that possible if start requesting it.

You need to check that what the page says is true for your website, and that what it says is indeed consistent with the regulations (which I have suggested means comparing this with what the DCMS website does). It is your responsibility to ensure compliance, because I make no guarantees (see terms & conditions, below).

Will This Plugin Damage My SEO?

Its very easy to screw up SEO by adding autogenerated content or linking unwisely. So this is an important question.

The EU Cookies Plugin includes measures to ensure that no harm will be done to the search engine rankings of your website by including this page on your website and linking to it from every page. So no, this plugin should have no effect on your SEO (search engine optimisation). Or mine for that matter, because I’m not including “follow” links or anything like that!

Be carefull with other plugins which may not be SEO safe, because as I say, this is a minefield!

Ways To Support My Free Plugins

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I love sharing my work, and I get a real buz when people show their appreciation.

If you would like to do this, you can do so with an email, or share a link to the plugin on Facebook or Twitter, or make a donation (even $1 is appreciated):

Terms & Conditions

This is a free plugin and comes with no warrantee whatsoever. I give no warrantee that it is fit for any purpose, and certainly do not pretend that installing it will make you safe from action by EU or other legal consequences arising from the operation of your website. Compliance of your website with all applicable laws is your responsibilty.

While I endeavour to create reliable and useful software, I accept no responsibility for your use of this plugin, which is therefore entirely at your own risk.

A condition of your using the EU Cookies Plugin, you accept responsibility for ensuring that its use is fair and legal, and for any and all consequences relating to the operation of your website, including incorrect or correct operation of the plugin.

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8 comments to EU Cookies Plugin—EU Privacy Directive Compliance For WordPress Websites

  • Herb Miller

    Hi, I just found your plugin on just after I uploaded my oik-privacy-policy plugin. I haven’t had a look at it yet. I did however notice that in the readme.txt the DCMS link doesn’t work.

    You may be interested in another plugin that I’m working on. It has a working name of oik-cookie-list. It attempts to produce the table of cookies that your site might serve up, indicating categorisation, description and cookie duration.

  • Richard

    This plugin does NOT work when a site is installed in a sub-directory. Returns a 404. Please fix as here are no UI configurations

  • ted


    Just installed this on one of my sites but it has not generated any link on any of my pages/posts;
    What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Ted,

      Thanks for commenting. I can see it on your skin care site. It is at the very bottom right of the page – scroll down as far as it will go and you should see it.

      There have been no problems with this plugin on any websites so far.


  • Hi, I have installed your plugin and it displays the link in the footer but when the link is clicked a 404 page error is displayed. Does this plugin only work with Worpress hosted sites? I have a WordPress site but on my own domain. I have no problem paying you the £10 if you can get it to work for me.


    • Hi Rob,

      The plugin should work fine – I can’t see the link on the site you mention so perhaps it is not active at the moment.

      If you want me to sort it out please make a purchase via the link below, which includes giving me WP admin access so I can see what is happening.

      Purchase Link: Order the EU Cookies Plugin

      I’ll issue a full refund if I don’t sort it for you.


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