Diaspora* Tips: How To Make Friends On Diaspora*

Diaspora Social NetworkDo you want to know how to make friends on Diaspora*? New to Diaspora* and want to connect to more people? This post shows three simple things that will get you lots of new friends on Diaspora*. Its especially for newbies, but also for anyone who wants to hook up with new people on this fast growing, non-profit, user & privacy oriented social network!


How To Make Friends On Diaspora*

I recommend you do three things:

1) Start following some Diaspora* hashtags.

To follow a hashtag, type “#something” into the search and when the results come up, click the “Follow #something” button. This is one of Diaspora* s coolest features!

Note: you can search any #hashtag in a post by clicking it – you’ll see every post visible to you with that tag. This is a great way to find people interested in the same stuff as you.

2) Post stuff… but make it “Public”

Post An Introduction: The first thing to post is a short introduction with some hashtags in it that represent topics you are interested in, or which say something about you—include the “#newhere” hashtag—which people use to highlight these announcements. Search for “#newhere” to get some ideas for what to say in your “newhere” post.

Post Other Stuff: You can post all sorts (opinions, links, pictures, anything) but be sure to include relevant #hashtags in your commentary. And don’t forget to change the little “drop down” from “All Aspects” to “Public” before you click “Share” or no-one will see it (cos you ain’t got anyone in your Aspects yet!)

3) Start sharing with folks who interest you

When you find interesting stuff in your feed, hover your mouse over the poster’s name (bold blue text) until the pop-up appears, and then use “Add contact” button to place the person in one of your aspects.

Most times you do this, the person will add you to their aspects, then you’ll see more stuff that they share.

Oh, one more thing—say hi to me and if you would like to connect, start sharing with me. Find me by searching Diaspora for thewebalyst@joindiaspora.com (it doesn’t matter which pod you are on).

If you are not on Diaspora* yet and want to try it out, hop over to http://joindiaspora.com

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2 comments to Diaspora* Tips: How To Make Friends On Diaspora*

  • One of the problems with making new friends is the issue of which aspects to include someone in. I have a antitheist aspect and I don’t want theist in that aspect. I have an alt.digital aspect and some computer users may not be interested in anything but mainstream computer issues. Users should post as many hashtages describing themselves as possible so we know which aspects fit their interest.

    Thanks for you time

    • Hi John,

      For now I admit I don’t use aspects for sharing because I don’t need to filter what I share for different groups. I do use them to group people into interest areas, but I’m not sure how useful that is – its not really how I think when I share things. I don’t think it makes sense – if someone is interesting, do I really only want them to send me stuff on a given topic, or am I following *them*?

      I think the latter for the most part, so I think I will only be using aspects to preserve privacy.


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