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Mark Hughes

theWebalyst.com is essentially me, so I’m a small business person myself. These days I am self employed, doing this alongside my counselling practice. Previously I had a long fulfilling career in I.T. applying all manner of technology to business.

My interest in technology goes back to the very first personal computers, having built and programmed my first computer in 1978. During ten years with Cambridge Consultants Ltd I worked for a variety of client companies solving business problems with technology. For ten years after that I worked on interactive data visualisation, including web based applications, with i2 Limited. All the while I was also running my own retail and software businesses, and so I have been doing web marketing since the 1990’s. Since then I’ve broadened my interests considerably, first training as a therapist, then a teacher (including teaching I.T. in Holloway Prison), and now offering my services to individuals and small business.

Throughout this time, one of the most satisfying areas of my work was understanding problems, creating solutions with technology, and sharing my learning with others. Now by working exclusively with individuals and small business I get to do this in person, which is what I find most enjoyable. I love it when someone has an ‘ahah’ moment, a small personal triumph over the technology, and achieves their business goals.

If you have a domestic or business issue with technology, whether it is getting a printer installed or developing your business through online marketing, I will be happy to hear from you. I’m based in London but happy to work with you wherever you are by email, Skype or phone, as well as in person.

So please email me or give me a call. I’m here to advise and assist you with finding a solution that meets the needs of your business, or gets your home computer to print your Christmas cards.

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