Backups: Is your data secure? What if your disk failed today?

I use a Linux server for to store all my backups, but today it sent me an email saying “disk failed.”


No need, no need. Or should I say “keep calm and carry on”, because my backup server is a “RAID” system, phew! Using a RAID system means I can take the broken disk out, put a new one in, and it will carry on as if nothing had happened.

In fact the drive seems ok. I just had to switch it off and on again—seriously, this is not just a myth from “The I.T. Crowd”—the off and on “tool” is the computer owner’s best friend.

Today was a good day, and a reminder of how precious my data is, and how terrible it would be if I suddenly lost everything.

How To Keep Your Data Secure

I use both Windows and Linux, so I understand how difficult it is to backup data securely in a wide range of scenarios. To be honest, I am still working on my perfect backup solution. But the important point is that I don’t rely on just one backup. My Linux server is one of four layers of backup I use to keep my personal and business data safe. I don’t know about you, but I want to keep my life running without having to switch it off and on!

Take a moment to think about the information you have on your PC. What you would do if it was completely wiped right now. How much of that data would you be able to recover from backups? How out of date would it be? How long would that take and what effect would it have on your life and business?

Now consider, what if data you believed to be stored on a backup wasn’t there when you came to restore it. What if everything on your PC was suddenly gone forever? Precious photos, critical business records, lost. What would be the impact of that?

And don’t expect this to happen when it will cause least inconvenience.

Backup Your Windows PC Securely

Take a few minutes now, before it happens. Ask yourself if you are taking adequate precautions againts loss of your precious data, and if not, make a commitment to do so as soon as possible, and get in touch if you need help or advice.

One day “it could be you,” and I’m not talking about winning the lottery!

Help And Advice on Windows PC or Linux Backup

Let me know if you’d like help ensuring that your data is secure. Backup is vital unless you don’t mind losing everything on your computer permanently.

Have you had a close shave, disasterous data loss, or a backup success story to share? If so, I’d love to hear it so please leave a comment.

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