3 Essential Web Marketing Tools

There are three web marketing tools that I recommend people use , both to begin with and to keep coming back to. Not everyone wants to do this themselves, but it is still worth informing yourself by looking into these tools, because they will also help you choose the right person to do SEO for you.

These three tools help will you build a sustainable, growing online business without having to become an expert in the finer points of SEO (which is full of pitfalls and misleading SEO sales pitches for the unwary).

Web Marketing Tools

Here are the three essential Web Marketing Tools that will get you off the mark quickly, and give your online marketing a sound foundation for the longer term:

  1. Google Webmaster Academy – tutorial style guide covering Google, Google Webmaster Tools and online business
  2. Google Webmaster Tools – helps ensure good SEO, monitor website performance and detect problems
  3. Google Webmaster Guidelines – what helps and hinders your position in Google search (SERP)

This makes me sound like a Google sales-person! But really I am being pragmatic, because I believe that very few online businesses can afford not to create a quality website that serves your market. If you do that, and let Google show you how, then Google will send you relevant traffic! And that’s not all, unlike trying to manipulate search results, this approach is both ethical and risk averse, which makes it good practice for building a sustainable business.

The tools I recommend are not just about Google, they are also about creating a website that will generate business in the long term. For more on how to achieve this, see SEO For Newbies, which amongst other things, explains why you should put the phone down on anyone who offers to get you on page one of Google!

What’s Your Opinion? 

Those are my recommendations, but I’d like to know what you think of these tools, and about any others that are essential for your web marketing toolbox—so please let me know in a comment.

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