WordPress Plugins

I write WordPress plugins for my own use and for my clients. Many features of this website are implemented using WordPress plugins which I have written, including for e-commerce, social sharing, and EU cookie compliance.

WordPress plugins are useful for adding fucntionality quickly and easily, and help me to maintain and my many websites and those of my clients.

Custom Plugin Writing Service

I also create custom WordPress plugins for clients, so if you need something special for your website contact me to discuss what you want.

Free WordPress Plugins

The following WordPress plugins by theWebalyst are available from the WordPress plugin directory:

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Ways To Support My Free Plugins

I love sharing my work, and I get a real buz when people show their appreciation.

If you would like to do this, you can do so with an email, or share a link to the plugin on Facebook or Twitter, or make a donation (even $1 is appreciated):

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