Why Implement Google’s +1 (plus-one) Button?

Google logo Why implement Google’s +1 button? Well, if it brought more website visitors from Google search, that would be reason enough. But does it?

To do this it must influence search engine rankings (or SERP) for Google.

Does Google’s +1 (plus-one) Button Affect SERP?

Google have stated that people clicking on the +1 button would affect prominence in search engine results, saying for example that the result might be augmented to show friends who clicked “+1”, or perhaps how many people had recommended the page—a kind of popularity score akin to Facebook ‘likes’.

But I’m not aware of Google saying +1 count might affect SERP: how high a page appears in Google’s search results. So I was very interested to read the result of some experiments by Marcus Taylor.

Today, Marcus published some results that provide the first evidence of what I hoped and suspected.

In short, he found measurable evidence in a small test (on 35 URL’s spread over six different domains). Over a period of a week he found a measurable improvement in SERP with example improvements including: search engine results position (SERP) up from 75 to 27, another up from 42 to 18, and one up from 8 to 6. You can read Marcus’ excellent post in full here.

How To Boost SERP With Google’s +1 Button

This is great news for people who have implemented Google’s +1 button (see top right of this page and at the end of this post), providing of course that website visitors are clicking them!

See “related posts” below if you are interested in this for your own website: I’ve already written about implementing the button on your website. I’ve also learned some useful ways to encourage people to click, though have yet to write a post on that so subscribe using the RSS button (to the right) if you want to read that when it goes out.

More Evidence Wanted

Oh, and if you know of any other posts about Google’s +1, particularly reporting measurable evidence, please let me know in a comment.

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