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Mark Hughes

It isn’t easy to make a living as a therapist or practitioner—I know because I’m a counsellor myself. You can’t be expected to deliver your expertise, be a marketing whizz, and technology expert all at once! One of the most frequent things I hear from other therapists is how overwhelming they find computers and the internet. And they tell me how much they appreciate my ability to explain web marketing and computers in ways they they can understand.

What Do You Want?

Websites and Web Marketing for Therapists

Web marketing for therapists starts with a website for your practice, but this is rarely enough on its own. If you have a website already, you are probably looking for ways to get more visitors, such as using SEO. Or perhaps you’d like to make use of social networks for your marketing, or start an email newsletter. You might want to increase income by offering online booking, adding new products or services; offering online payment or even a shop selling CDs or an eBook.

Whatever you have in mind I can help with advice, support and getting it done.


You may want to learn the best ways to attract potential clients to your website.

You may want to learn how to edit the pages on your website instead of employing a web designer.

You might want to promote your business through blogging, facebook or Twitter.

I can teach you these skills and support you as you put them into practice.

All-In-One Web Marketing Package

Do you want someone to handle everything so that you can focus entirely on client work?

If so, I offer this to a small number of clients as a special all-in-one package. I will look at your needs and offer you a package that you can leave me to run for you, and review and adapt when needed.

Web Marketing “Chocolate Selection Box”

And best of all, you can always pick out the best bits for yourself. Choose from a mixture of advice, off-the-shelf or custom solutions, and support and training. (I had to get the word chocolate on this page for SEO purposes!)

I love working closely with a small number of clients, so we can work in person, or by phone, or online (using Skype or Windows Remote Assistance). Whichever you like best.

Why Choose Me?

As a psychosynthesis counsellor in private practice I already understand how therapists and practitioners work and the ways your business is unique. I also know how to market these services online. On the technical side, I have worked professionally with computers and the internet for over 20 years, and been marketing online since the early 1990s.

What I really enjoy though, is in the synthesis of these two areas—getting technology and the internet working for people.

If you want to leave it to me you can. Or I can help you understand what is likely to work best for your business and how to allocate your resources. For example, whether to pay for listings in online directories, or get more visitors from Google by improving your website, including SEO. I will help you navigate the maze of hype and myth about web marketing, including SEO, websites and social networks.

I will help you use the web to attract new clients and add new products or services within the framework and boundaries of your therapeutic approach, according to your professional and ethical standards.

Web Marketing Services For Therapists

Need a website? I can set up a new website using WordPress which:

  • Looks professional and has an attractive home page, custom pages/menu, customised page header and footer, contact form etc.
  • You can add to, update and edit yourself
  • Includes an extendible menu of standard pages and/or a blog
  • Is pre-configured for SEO, to automatically build search engine traffic
  • Is pre-configured for security from hacking
  • Is pre-configured for security against data loss
  • Is pre-configured with Website Analytics for monitoring results
  • Can easily integrate with social networks, add e-commerce etc.

Need more clients? I can help improve the performance of your website/web marketing include:

  • Review and improve the SEO of your website (and its Google ranking)
  • Implement Website Analytics to monitor website performance
  • Do SEO Keyword Analysis for your specialism, identify top keywords
  • Use your best keywords to improve your website/web marketing

Need help and advice? Support is available as needed, such as:

  • Advice on the best ways of marketing your business online
  • Advice on web or computer products (hosting, PCs, applications)
  • Help managing your website
  • Solving a computer or software problem
  • Training (e.g. with how to edit text or add pictures to your website)

How I Will Work With You

Everyone is different, so I offer different ways of working. Here are the main examples:

Packages: website set-up and hosting, including WordPress websites, domain names, a newsletter, social network integration, search engine marketing and SEO (e.g SEO keyword analysis) etc.

Services: hand over all your web marketing and I will just get on with it, prioritising my activity for maximum efficiency I will get more done. These services include monitoring and reporting back the results so you can measure value and manage the cost.

Support: working one-to-one I provide training, mentoring and support, either in person or remotely by phone or online, including Skype.

I understand therapy marketing online and can offer almost everything you need, whether you are just getting online for the first time, or ready to move your web marketing up to the next level.

Where To Start

By all means take a more detailed look around this website. The Web Marketing Products & Services menu is a good place to start. Then, whether you are clear about what you want, or need help navigating this complex area, I recommend starting with a chat:

Contact me (Mark Hughes) by email or phone 07887 842480

If you want to keep up to date with what I’m working on follow me on twitter or  join my page on facebook or get my Web Marketing Newsletter for occasional marketing tips and articles (to subscribe use the form near the top of this page, on the right).

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