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Mark Hughes

Web marketing for small business means a lot more than getting a website. With SEO, social media, analytics and so many other topics, it is quite daunting for anyone who is not a specialist in this area. I run a small business too so I understand your needs, as well as having the experience and understanding needed to do web marketing in an effective and affordable way.

Over the years I have run several small businesses, including mail order, software development, online retailing, technology consulting, and most recently a counselling practice, and of course theWebalyst.com. I’ve been doing marketing online since the early 1990s.

Important things I’ve learned about web marketing:

Web marketing is important for every small business because if done well it is cheaper and more effective than traditional media.

Web marketing works alongside the best of your traditional marketing, and an online presence enhances the quality and number of services you can offer to your customers.

Web marketing can be a lot of fun, because it enables you to engage more often and in more interesting ways with your customers.

This means web marketing is a catalyst for creativity.

In short, good web marketing will reduce costs, increase revenue, and grow your business.

Getting A Small Business Website… Right

Web marketing is not only about your website, but your website and domain name should be its beating heart. Your website is the anchor for your online identity, the only part over which you have complete control, and the hub that connects everything else you do online.

A small business website must be professional yet inexpensive to set-up. A website that is easy to manage without the expense and delay of getting your web designer to make updates that to him are just an unwanted distraction from what he loves—which is design. You want your website to attract new customers, engage and retain visitors, and add to the quality and range of what you provide.

I will help you get a website that works for your business, by providing you with services and solutions, or supporting you as you learn to do things for yourself.

Getting your business website right is crucial to all your online marketing and is not a simple matter. There are a lot of pitfalls that require expert knowledge to avoid. I can guide you, and be your support service when you hit a problem. You can call on me as much or as little as you like—I offer flexibility that can be tailored to the way you like to work, and the needs of your particular business. I will be there when you need help because what I love is helping people—whether in business, with technology and web marketing, or in life in my practice as a counsellor!

Web Marketing or Web Design?

When seeking help I encourage you to think web marketing expert rather than web design expert. You might well want a good designer, but a good designer will not necessarily have the skills or time to help you get the right approach to online marketing for your business.

Getting web marketing right for your business is my business.

Web Marketing Products & Services

Whichever way you choose to work, you will always be dealing with me and can expect clear understandable advice.

If you want to know how to market your business: I’ll learn about you and your business, and explain what I believe will work for you and what to avoid. I’ll listen to your needs and help you plan how to get where you want to be. Together I’ll help you select the products and services you need, and get it all done!

If you already know what you need: choose from a mixture of off-the-shelf packages and flexible services:

Packages: website set-up and hosting, including WordPress websites, domain names, a newsletter, social network integration, search engine marketing and SEO (e.g SEO keyword analysis) etc.

Services: hand over all your web marketing and I will just get on with it, prioritising my activity for maximum efficiency I will get more done. These services include monitoring and reporting back the results so you can measure value and manage the cost.

Support: working one-to-one I provide training, mentoring and support, either in person or remotely by phone or online, including Skype.

I understand web business and web technology and can offer almost everything you need, whether you are just getting online for the first time, or ready to move your web marketing up to the next level.

What Does Web Marketing Mean For You?

Some examples of what I can help you do:

  • Prioritise & plan your web marketing
  • Specify and create or procure your website
  • Manage and update your website yourself
  • Boost visitors using Keyword Analysis and SEO
  • Get referrals through social network marketing (e.g. facebook & Twitter)
  • Attract and retain customers using electronic media (e.g. newsletter, eBooks and blog)
  • Use Website Analytics to increase website sales
  • Use enhanced Website Analytics to optimise your marketing activity

If you are unlucky enough to have spent your money with a web designer,  they will probably have created a great looking website that doesn’t attract visitors, and wasn’t tuned to convert visitors into customers.  You need not despair—you will be surprised to learn how cheap and easy it is to get your website and web marketing right. It just requires the appropriate expertise.

Getting a Business Website – That Works

For a fraction of the cost of a custom designed website I’ll help you get a website that:

  • you can manage and update yourself
  • looks great and suits your market
  • connects with social networks (like facebook, Twitter and YouTube)
  • attracts new customers for free, via Google and other search engines
  • automates interactions with customers (such as pre-sales queries, customer contact, online purchase, delivery, support,  and payment)

The technology is now so good that most small businesses no longer need the services of a professional website designer, although if you do I can help you find the right person for you.

Where To Start

By all means take a more detailed look around this website. The Web Marketing Products & Services menu is a good place to start. Then, whether you are clear about what you want, or need help navigating this complex area, I recommend starting with a chat:

Contact me (Mark Hughes) by email or phone 07887 842480

If you want to keep up to date with what I’m working on follow me on twitter, or get my Web Marketing Newsletter for occasional marketing tips and articles (to subscribe use the form near the top of this page, on the right).

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