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Thesis 2.0 NEW: the official Thesis 2 Theme User Guide is here, now with video tutorials (see below).

Thesis 2.0 Documentation is growing by the day. Since Thesis 2.0 was released (October 1st, 2012) there has been a rush to provide documetation, which I’ve been collecting together here, and adding to almost daily. This is mainly for my use, but I’m publishing it so others can find things more easily.

HELP! If you know of something that isn’t here provide a link in a comment and I’ll add it to the post in due course.

Particular credit is due to:

Rick Anderson of for producing a useful set of webinar videos which I’m slowly working through (forgive my notes about these at the end of the post, but note that the times I’ve recorded might prove helpful in locating what you want in a particular video).

Matthew Horne over at DIY WP Blog for his regular output of posts showing how to use Thesis 2.0. These are now building into a great set of “how to” tutorials, plus some useful reference documents (e.g. about Thesis 2.0 variables).

Chris Pearson of DIY Themes for bearing with my queries over on Twitter, as well as folks who are helping each other out on the DIY Themes forums. I’m new to Thesis, and still evaluating it, but one thing is clear: it has an enthusiastic, loyal, knowledgable and helpful user community. I am though disappointed with Chris’ habit of blaming users (“pressure to release”, “you hate us” etc.) when crtitisised, rather than to apologise for launching incomplete (without documentation, bonuses), and making promises he doesn’t keep etc. Maybe the clue was in the name “DIY” 😉

Official Thesis 2 Documentation

Here at last, still a work in progress: Official Thesis 2 Theme User’s Guide
A comprehensive set of tutorial videos: Official Thesis 2 Video Tutorials

Free Thesis 2 Theme Skins To Download

BYOB Webstie: Twelve versions of Thesis Classic with various layouts (free)
BYOB Website: Twelve mobile responsive versions of Thesis Classic (free)
BYOB Website: Maintenance Mode Skin (Free) Nude 960—Free Full Width Responsive Thesis Skin (free) << Updated (now responsive)

Free Thesis 2 Boxes To Download

DIY WP Blog: Thesis 2.0 Box—Logo Box (free)
DIY WP Blog: Thesis 2.0 Box—Ultimate Tag or Category Cloud Box (free)
DIY WP Blog: Thesis 2.0 Box—Disqus Comment Box (free)
DIY WP Blog: Thesis 2.0 Box—Windy Content Navigation Box (free)
DIY WP Blog: Thesis 2.0 Box—Related Posts Box (free) << NEW
DIY WP Blog: Thesis 2.0 Box—Review Meta Box (free) << NEW Free Thesis 2 Box—Social Media Buttons Box (free) Free Thesis 2 Box—iOS Faveicon Uploader (free)

Commercial Thesis 2 Boxes

DIY WP Blog: Thesis 2.0 Custom Excerpt Box ($5 as of 4th November 2012)
DIY WP Blog: Thesis 2.0 Auto Featured Image Box ($5.99 as of 16th November 2012)

DIY WP Blog: Getting Started Series

DIY WP Blog: How To’s

Create Two Column Layout (default Classic has 3)
Thesis Logo Box – Creating A “Thesis Box” (HTML Component)
Popular Post Box – How to make a Popular Post Box (HTML Component)

DIY WP Blog: Thesis 2.0 Guide

Whats New in Thesis 2.0.1
Thesis 2.0 Guide – All About Columns Galore
Thesis 2.0 Post Formatting Guide – Customizing The Excerpt

Getting Started Video Series:

A series of webinars by Rick Anderson of Videos marked with an asterisk I’ve made notes about at the end of this post, including some times that might help you locate a particular section of the video.

Video 1—Introduction to the new system
Video 2The new Thesis interface
Video 3Parts of a Thesis 2.0 site
Video 4Shows changes
Video 5Fat 4 column footer*
Video 6Header logo image & navigation* <NEXT
Video 7Small header image in other page
Video 8Style backgrounds
Video 9Feature Box
Video 10Questions & Answers

Other Thesis 2.0 Resource Lists

DIY Themes Forum: Thesis-2-Resources

Note – Updating from Thesis 2.0 to Thesis 2.0.1 (2.0.2 etc.)

Your current Thesis version is shown under WordPress > Thesis, at the bottom of the “More” menu (see top right of the Thesis control panel). Currently it will show “Thesis 2.0” or “Thesis 2.0.1”

Updating from 2.0 to 2.0.1: DIY recommend using the auto-update within WordPress. If this doesn’t show an update available, you can force a refresh by going to Dashboard > Updates and clicking “Check Again”. If it never shows an update, maybe you have a localhost installation, see next.

Updating a localhost Thesis installation: DIY don’t support auto-update for localhost installs, so you have to do this manually as follows:

  1. Download the latest Thesis from
  2. Backup your /wp-content/themes/thesis/skins (to keep any edits you made to the supplied skins and any custom skins you made)
  3. Replace /wp-content/themes/thesis with the new version
  4. copy back anything you want to retain from step 2.

I just did this and it seems fine.

Getting Started Videos Notes:

Video 5Fat 4 column footer

01:40-01:60 under the HTML tab, making column containers, [color= #ff0000]Rick refers to HTML classes “c1”, “c2” (for column 1, 2 etc.) as things Thesis looks for. I need to find a reference for speci[/color][color= #ff0000]al Thesis classes etc. See:[/color]
– create boxes for footer container, each footer widget column, and a widget area for each column
– create CSS columns package to style the four columns
– appears you have to apply this to every page template to get the same footer on each type of page!
– same applies to other customisations such as overall page columns
– in template editor one can clone pages and copy one page to another, which provides a way to manage this, but there is no “base” (equivalent to index.php) from which other templates inherit default settings.
-> I asked @pearsonified about this and he said:.
Depends on the situation. I copy templates whenever I create a new one, so I barely have to do anything. If you wanted to come in after the fact and change your footer, you have 2 other options: [1] modify the footer on each template, or [2] use a hook.Also, consider this: It’s rare that a theme or Skin would have more than 4–6 templates. So no matter what angle you decide to attack this problem from, it’s easy to get the results you want. On, I use a hook to place my copyright notice in footers across the site (on different Thesis versions, too!). Hooks offer you a programmatic way to insert whatever you want (especially if you can’t get what you want from the interface).

Video 6Header logo image & navigation* <NEXT

HTML tab
– create container for header columns
– create container for column 1 (for logo)
– create container for column 2 (for nav & text)
– add columns to header columns container
– create package (CSS) for header columns container
– CSS set for each column width
– add reference to CSS, save & compile, save template, refresh preview (blank header now)
09:45 – adding the image
– create a container for the image (a Text Box, to insert HTML)
– add to the
– go to WordPress media library and get the image URL, insert into post, cut
– paste into the image container Text Box
– save templare, refresh, hey presto header image
– add nav menu box to header column 2 container
– create another text box for the header text, and insert the text as HTML
– save template and refresh (its not there!)
– put the header text box in the second column, save template & refresh
– hey presto, but column widths not right yet, forgot padding in default header container
15:17 – get rid of padding (CSS tab, edting Single Element Styles)
15:17 Rick editing CSS for Single Element Styles shows padding set using variables $single and $half.[color= #ff0000] Need list of Thesis variables and how to use them.[/color]
15:50 Styling the nav menu
– CSS tab, edit Menu Style package and see results
– CSS tab, create style Package for two menu conditions (link & hover?)
– Create Package (type Single Element Style) called “Menu Link”
– get URL for image and set as background in “Menu Link” style
– tweak the settings for CSS package “Horizontal Dropdown Menu (WP)” to improve the menu layout (making space so the background image is visible on each menu item)
24:39 – a lot of too-ing and fro-ing to get the styles right (quite clunky). Much easier to be editing live CSS and hitting refresh. [color= #ff0000]Hopefully Thesis will streamline this at some point?[/color]
27:46 …still tweaking!
29:00 finishing off the hover.
– more tweaking
30:50 Stylng the header text area
– New CSS package, type “Post formatting”
PAUSED 31:32

DIY WP Blog: Thesis 2.0 Box—Related Posts Box (free) << NEW

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