WordPress Website Set-up – “Launch Package”

Global Business WordPress WebsiteThis WordPress Website Set-up Package provides a complete business website with a set of initial pages such as “Home”, “Products”, “Services”, “Contact” and even a “Blog”.

This is a website you can edit yourself, so once I have set everything up for you, you will be able to add and edit pages yourself with no need to pay for additional work. I will still be on hand to manage the technical stuff for you and to help if you get stuck.*

After ordering I’ll help you to choose a suitable domain name, select suitable colours and design, and to decide what pages you need. Then all you have to do is provide the text for the pages along with any pictures, and I do the rest!

Here’s what you get:

  • A professional business website running on the website domain of your choice
  • Five pages created and ready for you to add content. You can add more pages as you need them
  • A standard home page, or if you prefer you can have a blog as the home page
  • An email contact form (optional) with built in spam protection using an image “captcha”
  • An embedded Google map (optional) showing the location of your business
  • A blog (optional) using the world”s most popular and feature rich blogging software: WordPress
  • Menu navigation to get to each page

Here’s some of the hard work I’ll be saving you. I will:

  • Register your domain with our hosting. Transfer “in” is included if already registered
  • Create the website at your domain with or without “www.” prefix
  • If you have a logo graphic I can incorporate this for you.*
  • WordPress: Install and configure the latest version of WordPress and carefully selected plug-ins
  • Install the excellent and very popular Atahualpa theme and configure it for SEO and customise the colours and layout to your design, including creating a colored background image (optional)
  • Analytics: Set-up website statistics (visitors, pages viewed, referring websites etc.)
  • SEO: Configure WordPress and theme settings for SEO (i.e. including permalinks and meta tags)
  • SEO: Set-up Google Webmaster Tools
  • Security: Configure WordPress and htaccess to protect from hackers
  • Backup: Set-up automatic backup of your WordPress content

Also included:

  • Handover: spend up to one hour with me showing you how to create and edit pages.
  • Handover Period: 30 days of support responding to specific “how do I xyz?” and “something seems broken, please can you fix it?” issues by email. (Note that minor updates to your website, and simple support queries are included in the Managed Website Hosting, and so not restricted by the handover period.)
  • 1 Year of Managed Website Hosting is included, where I do all the technical stuff for you. Or I will set-up on your preferred web hosting service provided it meets the very basic requirements for hosting WordPress. (There is no discount or addition cost for setting up on alternative hosting, and you must be able to manage it yourself.)


Set-up includes 1 year of managed web hosting, which means I take care of everything technical for you, and am on hand to help with minor edits and updates if you need it.
Domain registration or transfer fees of up to £20 are included in the package cost.
I am happy to crop and resize images to fit the template without charge. More involved work will be charged but I will always let you know in advance.

WordPress Website Set-up – “Launch Package”