Websites – Managed Website Hosting (annual)

My Managed Website Hosting service takes all the hassle out of keeping your business website running smoothly.

    Website Management: I handle all technical and website management issues related to hosting services, domain name, email, application updates, security and backup.
    Page Updates: I will do one “minor content edit” per month at your request (such as adding a picture or changing some text on a page, or adding a facebook ‘Like’ button).
    Website Security: As well as providing all the fundamentals, I monitor for a range of problems including hacking. I keep your website security up to date and protected against new hacking threats.
    Website & Data Backup: Even so, your business depends on safety of your data, so I keep everything backed up in case of disaster. Your complete website, application settings and databases will all be backed up and stored securely in more than one location.
    Application Updates: Applications such as WordPress and your database will be kept up-to-date with new versions (which is an important security measure).

In short, I handle all technical and website management issues. Whenever something needs doing to keep things running I will deal with it on your behalf. You won’t have to understand anything about website set-up and configuration, domain names, website security, email forwarding or application updates.

Website Content Editing

I will make up to one “minor content edit” per month (such as adding a picture or changing some text on a page, or adding a facebook ‘Like’ button). More frequent, urgent or more complex editing can be undertaken for an agreed price, but wherever possible I try not to charge extra unless significant work or urgency is involved.

Managed Website Hosting summary:

  • leaves you free of website management, security and technical issues
  • includes hosting of one website (more websites can be added for a small charge)
  • monitoring and maintenance to ensure reliable operation and availability
  • minor website edits done by me at your request
  • protection against hacking
  • complete backup and protection against data loss
  • configuring email forwarding (e.g. setting up different addresses)
  • registration, transfer or renewal of one domain per year*

One year of managed website hosting is included in all website set-up packages (see: WordPress Website Set-up - "Launch Package").


Domains: registration and renewal cost is included for the popular top level domains (such as .com,, .org and .biz). However, as the cost of registering or renewing some specialist top level domains can be much more expensive, registration and renewal is included up to a maximum of £20/year per domain.

Extra Charges

Additional costs are unlikely as the package is designed to cover most situations. You will however be liable for any expenses not explicitly included in the package, charged to you at cost plus 15% for administration. You will be notified in advance of any such charges being incurred on your behalf.

Websites – Managed Website Hosting (annual)