Website SEO Review

If you have a website, the Website SEO Review will tell you:

  • how your website is performing in search engines
  • how well your pages are optimised for relevant keywords
  • what you can do to improve SEO and attract customers
  • the SEO strategy I recommend for your business
  • an action plan to get your website working

You will receive a professional and detailed report describing the situation, any problems found and how to fix them. Measurements of keyword performance are included to provide you with a baseline from which to measure the improvements in search engine results and website visitors. If you have website analytics set-up, this will be included too.

The Website SEO Review is for:

  • learning about SEO as it relates to your website
  • finding out what is wrong and how to fix it
  • use as benchmark for measuring improvements

The report provides an SEO health check for your website, along with the information you need to manage your SEO implementation yourself.

The Importance of Keywords

To get the most out of the review, I will focus on the most important keywords based on your website, marketing materials, suggestions you have, as well as my own judgement. This is adequate but not ideal, so you may consider having an twproduct Shortcode ERROR - missing or invalid 'format' parameter, value: ''
done at the same time. Then, the review will be able to focus on the actual best keywords for your market, based on analysis of search engine data.


Website SEO Review