SEO Link Building Service – Regular

Link-building, like all SEO, is most effective when carried out regularly over time. Sustained link-building works best partly because search engines prefer websites that do this, and partly because the web doesn’t stand still: more and more competitors are getting online all the time, and their websites are getting better all the time. If you stop you’ll fall behind.

So my Link Building Service is an ongoing activity, similar to the all-in-one web marketing service described elsewhere.

The Link Building Service includes the following, prioritised according to the specific needs of your business and carried out over time:

  • a review of current links from other websites
  • design of a link-building campaign tailored to your market and chosen keywords
  • regular monitoring of external links and review/revision of activity

The link-building measures that I employ are all safe, ‘white-hat’ techniques, such as:

  • listing in free directories (local and national, general and business etc)
  • identifying and contacting related or similar websites for reciprocal or non-reciprocal links
  • commenting on other websites where this can create links directly or indirectly
  • writing guest posts and articles for other websites on your behalf
  • writing and placing articles in off-line publications on your behalf

Not all activities will be appropriate for all situations. I take account of the situation to prioritise and make best use of the time available in this package. So what can you expect?

You can expect a boost to your business through higher Google search results, more website visitors, and more referrals from other websites.

All this for an affordable monthly fee with an initial commitment of three months to cover my set-up costs (researching your business and planning), after which you are free to cancel, upgrade or downgrade the service as you wish.

Link-building works best as part of an overall web marketing strategy, so you could consider my all-in-one web marketing service, an alternative which encompasses link-building for SEO alongside other web marketing activity.

Who Is This For?

The Link Building Service is for businesses that operate in a market that is too competitive for on-page SEO and organic link-acquisition alone, or who want to speed up improvements in search engine results.

The Link Building Service is ideal for sole-traders and similar one person businesses such as therapists, counsellors (like myself), and health and well-being practitioners.

It’s for you if you want the full benefits of SEO.

Payment and Service Terms

To cover set-up costs the minimum service term is three months, starting from receipt of the first month’s payment. Work can start as soon as you have provided all relevant information and resources (e.g. website hosting, when this includes managing reciprocal links). After the initial three months you may cancel, upgrade or downgrade the service with one month’s notice. Payment must be received in advance on a monthly cycle because for such a low cost service I cannot provide you with credit.

What You Get

For an affordable monthly fee I will design and carry out an ongoing link-building programme for one website in one product or service area. This will include the kinds of activity specified above.

Activities: Typically these begin with review and analysis of your marketkeyword selection including a keyword analysis if needed, link-building campaign design, listing in directories, link negotiation, blog commenting, blog post and article writing, and regular monitoring and review etc. What I do will depend on what I judge to be the best use of my time for your business each month as part of an ongoing programme.

Reports: I provide regular reports on activity and results (e.g. number of back-links and search engine results position—SERP).

Regular Package: The Regular package guarantees you at least two hours of my time dedicated to acquiring links. Regular and sustained activity, month after month. I can get a lot done in two hours, and month on month this will add up. If you want a higher level of activity take a look at the Premium service. You can also use it to get off to a head-start before downgrading to Regular.

Benefits: A regular spend makes the cost affordable while enabling me to build and maintain relationships between your website and other website owners, making the work more efficient than shorter term, high impact approach.

Your Input: You can decide how much time you take to understand and feed back into this process. All I will require from you is access to resources such as your website.

I only take on a handful of clients at one time so this is a limited opportunity that may not be available if you leave it until later. If you are interested secure your place by placing your order now, or come back as soon as you can!


SEO Link Building Service – Regular