EU Cookies Plugin – Installation & Test Service

A recent EU privacy directive requires every website catering for EU citizens (this includes websites outside the EU), to meet certain privacy standards.

Don’t lose website visitors: The EU Cookies Plugin helps you comply without losing website visitors. NO popups, NO scarey messages and no broken website features.

For a small fee I will install the EU Cookies Plugin on your WordPress website and make sure it is working correctly, so all you have to do is ensure you handle cookies and personal information accordingly. Its a quick way to get peace of mind if you don’t want the bother of installing and testing the plugin yourself.

Leave the setup and testing to me:

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NOTE: the EU Cookie Directive applies to websites outside the EU, not just those in the EU or UK. And not just business websites, but to any website catering for EU citizens. It doesn’t matter where you or your website are based.

The EU Cookies Plugin is a solution which helps you comply with the EU Cookie Directive, and is sufficient for most websites. Don’t lose visitors with popups or other complexity unless your website absolutely needs it.

If you can’t use the plugin because you don’t have WordPress or want help assessing how to comply, see my EU Cookie Law Services.


£10 (Approx. US$16 / €13)
EU Cookies Plugin – Installation & Test Service