Website Set-up & Managed Hosting

I provide everything you need for a professional business website, either for you to manage and update yourself, or in a package where I handle everything for you. Start with only what you need and update and extend as your needs change, at a pace that suits you.

I will provide a secure, reliable business-ready website with maintenance, support, training and hosting. When it is complete you will not be left to fend for yourself because I offer ongoing one-to-one support in person, by phone or online.

WordPress Website Set-up And Hosting

Get professional business website that is cheap and easy to update. If you want to do things yourself you can. If you want to learn I will train you. If you need occasional help I provide that too.

You will always deal with me so I will get to know how you like to work, and able to help you promote your business should you want this.

WordPress Website Set-up - "Launch Package"


The WordPress Website Launch Package gets you a business website with a set of initial pages such as "Home", "About", "Contact" and "Blog".

This is a professional set-up: I will configure WordPress for business, including security, plugins, SEO, backup etc. as well as creating the initial pages you want to get you going. All you have to do is add content to the pages.

Everything is included, and if you need help getting started I can provide one-to-one training in person, by phone or Skype. This package includes managed hosting for one year which means I handle all the technical issues needed to keep your website running smoothly for you.

This all you need—because Managed Website Hosting is included—but if you already have a website and want me to take over management, I can do this too. See next.

Managed Website Hosting (Included in Website Set-up)

With Managed Website Hosting you can sit back while I do everything for you, including small website changes, for a single annual fee.

Websites - Managed Website Hosting (annual)

Managed Web Hosting takes all the hassle out of keeping your website running smoothly. I handle all technical and website management issues related to hosting, actively monitor for a range of problems including hacking, and keep your website security up to date and protected against new hacking threats. Managed Web Hosting leaves you free of website management, security and technical issues. Summary:
  • hosting of one website (more websites can be added for a small charge)
  • monitoring and maintenance to ensure reliable operation and availability
  • minor website edits done by me at your request
  • protection against hacking
  • complete backup and protection against data loss
  • configuring email forwarding (e.g. setting up different addresses)
  • registration, transfer or renewal of one domain per year*

One year’s Managed Website Hosting is included with in the WordPress Website Set-up. Managed Web Hosting is also available for your existing website, either by transferring to hosting with me, or where you keep your existing hosting service and I take over its management. In the latter case, you continue to pay separately for the actual hosting.

Self-Managed Website Hosting

I also offer full featured professional website hosting for business of all sizes, that you can set-up and manage yourself. All packages are full featured, with different price levels to suit freelance, therapist,  and practitioner small business, or corporate websites. For demanding business websites there’s VPS hosting (virtual private servers), and all web hosting is environmentally friendly too—see below.

Visit theWebalyst web hosting website for prices and features of all web hosting packages.

Green / Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting

I care about the impact my business has on others and our environment, and so ensure that all the web servers used have a positive rather than negative impact on the environment. This is achieved through support for green energy projects in Brazil, India and Africa that offset 110% of the total carbon footprint.


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