Website Analytics for Small Business

Analytics is a vital tool that no business website should be without. Seriously, you must have professional website analytics to make progress with web marketing.

This is because Website Analytics provides the information you need to:

  • measure the results of what you spend
  • get more visitors from your marketing
  • convert more visitors into customers
  • focus on the marketing that works
  • cut out spending that isn’t working

But this is going to be expensive right? No, because once it is set-up your ongoing analytics is free. So there is no reason to delay—you’ll only be losing valuable sales if you do. For most small businesses the Standard package is ideal. See below for details or download the analytics brochure to compare options:

The Secrets – Website Analytics Brochure.pdf (download PDF)

Website Analytics - "Standard"


Website analytics produces charts of visitors over time and helps you discover valuable SEO keywords that you can use to improve your Google search position.

Once set-up, this is a free service that gathers and stores website visits for review and analysis. Use it to measure results and improve the effectiveness of your web marketing.

Is “Standard” Enough?

For small businesses, the Standard analytics set-up is ideal unless you want to track and analyse your marketing in a lot of detail (e.g. to know who finds your through individual brochures, ebooks, newsletters and so on). If you are unsure then you probably don’t need these extra features for the time being, and can always add them later.

See product page or download the analytics brochure.

Website Analytics - "Download & Exit Tracking"

Measure interest in material and resources you offer, and increase responses to downloaded brochures, newsletters, e-books and other documents. Includes everything in Standard.
 See product page.

Website Analytics - "Referral Tracking"

Optimise online marketing by tracking responses to emails, newsletters, brochures, e-books and other documents. Includes everything in Standard.
See product page.

Website Analytics - Professional

Contains everything in one package. All the features of Standard and Referral Tracking and Download & Exit Tracking for a fraction of the price.
To compare options download the analytics brochure.

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