Web Marketing Pick-n-Mix Packages

Packaged solutions are a fast affordable way to get key elements of your web marketing in place. You know exactly what you will get and how much it will cost. You can select only what you want doing, and proceed at your own pace.

Small Business Websites

My small business website packages can get you set up quickly, or convert an existing website that is not performing into one that attracts visitors and generates business.

See Website Set-up & Managed Hosting

Small Business SEO

For new and existing websites I offer a flexible range of SEO packages to choose from, or an affordable all-in-one ongoing SEO service, where I prioritise the activities and get on with them, providing you with regular reports on what I have done and the results archived.

See SEO Packages and Services

Website Analytics (Monitoring)

Website Analytics is an essential if you want to measure results and avoid wasting time and money on marketing that is not working as well as it could. Analytics can reveal where your visitors come from, what they came looking for, what they found on your website and why they left. It will help you ensure your potential customers can find what you have to offer them, and to make it as easy as possible for them to buy your products and services.

See Website Analytics Packages

Social Network Marketing

Your customers and clients are already connected through social networks, and increasingly using them to find and buy products and services. Its a staggering fact that 40% of the UK population are on facebook, and half of them log in every day. To ignore this is to ignore your customers’ preference.

Think of this as Word of Mouth Mouse!

Social networks are an opportunity for you to benefit from the good will of satisfied customers and those who like to tell friends when they find something good online: facebook and Twitter make it easy for your customers to share their experience and recommend you to their friends. Recommendation is the most effective form of marketing their is.

Different businesses will have different needs in this area so I can help you decide what to do:

facebook: Should you have a facebook page and how should you use it?

Twitter: Should you have a Twitter account? Should you tweet for followers or follow for self-promotion?

Share, Like, Recommend and Tweet This: What do these terms mean? Should you have facebook and Twitter buttons on your website (like the ones on the right of this page) and why?

I can advise you on the costs, benefits and priorities for your business, and either show you how to do this or do it for you. Contact me to find out more about social network marketing.

Blog Marketing for Business

A blog can be a very useful subsection of a business website. Over time it can build into a useful library that visitors can browse by categories, and search for pieces on topics of interest.

The benefit of using a blog to add content to your website is that the format is easily structured without needing to plan the structure in advance. It is flexible: you can write pieces as short as a single line (e.g. recommending a product or website), or a long in depth opinion piece, or a detailed review and commentary.

The key is to understand why you are writing it from a marketing point of view: Who are you writing it for? and How is that going to help your business?

For a small business one of the benefits is a greater degree of direct engagement which creates trust and builds relationship. The key to any successful business. Contact me to find out more about blog marketing.

Article Marketing for Small Business

Writing articles is a great skill and a great habit to get into because there are lots of opportunities to use articles to boost your business. If it seems daunting, you can start with the blog and use that as a stepping stone.

Articles are useful because they share information that you have that is of interest and value to someone else, particularly your customers or clients. Uses for articles include:

  • publication on popular web and print magazines and their websites
  • features on directory websites used by potential customers
  • guest posts on other people’s blogs
  • features on your own website
  • your own newsletter and/or blog

I’m sure you can think of more. The benefits are wide-ranging, particularly for online articles which can remain available indefinitely, providing an ongoing source of interest and website traffic. Articles can promote you, your business, your products and services, and create further marketing opportunities (such as requests to speak, give a workshop, give interviews, write further articles etc.) They are a great way of obtaining links to your website and can be great for SEO.

There is a skill here. In working out what to write, who for and what you are trying to achieve. For example, if your writing is part of your SEO strategy, you need to decide what keywords you are focussing on first. If you are wanting to reach out to customers with a particular product or service, you need to consider where best to publish, and what kind of article is likely to be accepted for publication. Contact me to find out more about article marketing.

Business Directory Listing Service

There are hundreds of business directories online, many paid, many free, and mostly a mix of the two. There are specialist directories for different products and services.

Listing in directories is useful if it generates relevant website traffic and therefore business, or if it improves the visibility of your website through enhanced SEO.

I can help you select directories, free and paid, that are most likely to benefit your business, and I can put in place the means for you to measure the results (both in traffic from those directories, and from improved SEO). With that information you will know which directories are worth listing in and which not. Contact me to find out more about directory listing.

Paid Search Services

Paid search means paying for advertising on search engines. For most businesses PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is the best form of paid search. Google AdWords for example: the small adverts that show alongside search results.

This can be very cost effective, because if you design your advertising and set-up the service correctly, you will only be paying for visitors who are likely to buy from you, rather than people who just click on your advert out of mild curiosity. This is especially so for businesses who have a very location sensitive services such as therapists, counsellors and practitioners—where the customer or client has to visit a given location.

Other benefits include fine control over how much you spend (daily or monthly) easy measurement of results using your website analytics, and online tools to help optimise your advertising.

I can advise on, set-up and manage your paid search. Contact me to find out more about paid search.

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