Advice, Support, Training & Computer Help

I help with Web Marketing or Computer stuff (solving problems or showing “how to” do all kinds of things – examples below).

No issue is too simple for me to be interested in, and I know this stuff inside out so your issue is also unlikely to be too complex! I worked in computer development for over 20 years (ouch!), but having worked as a counsellor and teacher too, I will help you in a supportive way. Adapting to your level of understanding, pace, and style of working. (This page is for individuals, but I can help groups too, so if you want group training please get in touch to discuss your needs.)

We can work one-to-one, either in person or remotely by phone or Skype. Here are examples of what I help with:

Web Marketing: I’ll help you with any aspect of your web marketing from strategy, planning all the way to creating and editing your website.

Computer Help: I’ll help you with any aspect of computers and software. From advice on what to buy, to how to do your tax return, accounts or VAT in a spreadsheet. I can help you protect your PC from viruses or hard disk failure with free software, set-up a database of your CD collection.. you name it.

I am ‘expert’ with Windows and PCs and ‘rusty expert’ with Unix. I’ve not used Macs much but willing if instant answers are not what you are after. (The Mac OS is Unix based after all, and I love Unix/Linux).

Web Marketing & Computer Help: Options and Costs

We work together either in person, or remotely (e.g. by phone or Skype):

In Person Costs £50/hour of my time as follows:

If you can visit me in Walthamstow (London E17) I ask you to pay for a minimum of 1 hour.

If I visit you within 1 hours travel of E17 6LG (according to the TfL Journey Planner). I ask you to pay for a minimum of 2 hours, meaning the time I spend on your premises.

In person sessions must be booked and paid in advance (at least to begin with). For travel information see my location map.

Remotely by Phone or Skype: Costs £1/minute of call time.

Phone: If you want to work by phone I will ask you to make the call (as it avoids the need to work out call costs).

Skype: Skype do not charge for computer to computer calls, but you will need to have the Skype software on a computer that can manage voice calls adequately.

Windows Remote Assistance: This is another option but I have found it is easier to start with phone or Skype first.

Remote sessions must be booked and a deposit paid in advance (at least to begin with).


To book a session please contact me with suggested times (I generally have more time during weekdays, but also provide help at evenings and weekends): call or email me to arrange help or advice.

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