Web Marketing Products & Services

Web marketing is an important opportunity for every small business. There are too many benefits to list in full but most small businesses can expect to:

  • reach more potential customers and clients
  • reduce your selling costs
  • improve your quality of service
  • extend your range of products and services

What Is Web Marketing?

Web marketing for small business includes:

Website: professional, reliable, secure and properly maintained

SEO: attract visitors via search engines including Google and Bing

Social Networks: reach out through facebook and Twitter

Newsletter: create and build relationships with customers

Blogging: enhances website value, customer relationships and SEO

Articles: enhance website visitors, and SEO (e.g. link building)

Directories: listing in directories to increase visitors and SEO

Paid Search: focussed advertising to attract high value visitors

Its a big list, which can be overwhelming. There will be things not on the list too! So you might well wonder where to start, and what is most important. And one more things:

Monitoring: its essential to monitor the results or you will be wasting time and money

There’s a lot to learn here, which is where my advice and support can help. I will learn about you and your business, and help you prioritise and plan your marketing, and avoid costly mistakes.

You can choose from packaged solutions (e.g. for setting up your website, or performing SEO keyword analysis for example), or call me in to provide advice, support, or get something done. I can train and support you, guiding you through the maze so that you avoid costly mistakes and wasted effort.

If you just want to start with a standard package do so. If you want to start with a chat then please email or call. Or read about the solutions I offer below. You can find out more using the Products & Services menu, or following the links below.

Web Marketing Products & Services

I provide help, websites, an all-in-one web marketing service, and individual (pick-and-mix) packages. These are summarised below and you can find out more by following the links or using the Products & Services menu.

Solution: Advice, Support & Training

Need advice about web marketing? Need someone to solve a technical problem? I am available to work with you one-to-one, either in person or remotely (e.g. by phone or Skype).

See Advice, Support, Training & Computer Help

Solution: Websites & Managed Hosting

If you need a new website or have an existing website that is not working I can get you up and running with a website that will work for your business.

See Website Set-up & Managed Hosting

Solution: All-In-One Services

Choose the level of service you require and let me do all your web marketing for an affordable monthly fee. I will learn about your business, market and customers, prioritise your marketing for you and get on with it. I’ll send you regular reports showing what I have done and the results obtained.

See All-In-One Web Marketing Services

Solution: Pick-And-Mix Packages

Choose from off-the-shelf packaged solutions, pick-and-mix to create your own custom web marketing solution. Pay only for what you want, when you want. If something you want is not listed please ask for a quote.

See Web Marketing Pick-n-Mix Packages

Solution: Small Business SEO

For new and existing websites I offer a flexible range of SEO packages to choose from, or an affordable all-in-one ongoing SEO service, where I prioritise the activities and get on with them, providing you with regular reports on what I have done and the results archived.

See SEO Packages and Services

Solution: Website Analytics (Monitoring)

Website Analytics is an essential if you want to measure results and avoid wasting time and money on marketing that is not working as well as it could. Analytics can reveal where your visitors come from, what they came looking for, what they found on your website and why they left. It will help you ensure your potential customers can find what you have to offer them, and to make it as easy as possible for them to buy your products and services.

See Website Analytics for Small Business


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