New Window Visible – My First Chrome Browser Extension/Addon

screenshot of chrome browser window cascadeFor some time I’ve been annoyed by a feature of Google’s Chrome web browser. You may have noticed that when you open a new window in Chrome, each window is staggered, a little below and to the right of the last, as shown in the image.

This “cascade” is all very well, but means that if the browser window covers most or all of your screen, new windows are soon marching off the right and bottom edge of your screen.  Each one successively further off screen than the last. I use full sized windows, but not maximised, so every time I opened a new Chrome window I had to manually move it so I could see it all, and access the scroll bars.

The Solution

Today I searched for a solution, only to find several other people complaining about this quirk. After all, the other browsers don’t do this, and why would they. It makes no sense to open a new window in a position it can’t be used!

So I abandoned my work for the day, finishing off some marketing materials and decided to look into writing a little Chrome extension to sort out the problem. I’ve done lots of programming before so expected it would be quite simple and it was (you can read about how to write extensions for Chrome yourself). The solution is my first Chrome extension: New Window Visible.

“New Window Visible” Is FREE In The Chrome Web Store

chrome web store logoIn fact the hardest part was publishing it in the Chrome Web Store, because for some odd reason they don’t do it in an obvious way, but that’s another story!

So, if you’ve been cursing Chrome web browser windows as they march off the edge of your monitor screen the solution is here:

Visit the Chrome Web Store and install my simple add-on: New Window Visible

Help Please!

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2 comments to New Window Visible – My First Chrome Browser Extension/Addon

  • Great work! Just a problem: I positioned my taskbar on the left of the screen. It is an unusual (but extremely comfortable, when you get used at it) position, and many programs have problems with this, since they position themselves on 0:0 coordinates, and it is obviously covered by my taskbar.

    Your extension makes also chrome open half hidden by the taskbar. It would be much more useful if it had options to specify standard top, left, width and height.

    I am a computer scientist too, if you send me the source code I can try to modify it. Or you could make it an opensource project, so I could collaborate.

    • Cesare,

      I thank you very much for your request. If I had time I would certainly add some options to this extension, but alas I don’t. I’m happy if you want to make your own version, and you can base it on my code if you like because it is quite simple:

      New Window Visible - chrome extension to position new browser window at top left
      Copyright (c) 2011
      <script> {
      var info = new Object;, {left:0, top:0});

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