Marketing Tips: How To Get ‘Likes’ For Your Facebook Page

It is very easy to set up a facebook page: in five to ten minutes you can create a perfectly respectable place to begin building a community of interest around your brand, products and services. But then you need to create that community, which means getting people to ‘Like’ your page so that when you post things to the page they will get to see them on their facebook where they can easily share them with  facebook friends.

Building A Facebook Community

If your website already has a lot of traffic, you can start to build your facebook community by providing topical, relevant content that your website visitors will want to share by clicking buttons you add to your website. Like those I have for sharing on Twitter and facebook on this page—if this is new to you, you can click one now to see how this process works.

However, if you don’t yet have a lot of traffic this won’t work—by “a lot” I mean hundreds or thousands of visitors each day. Even then, this may not be enough. Even with tens of thousands of visitors this method will not automatically get you the initial boost or ‘traction’ needed to get your facebook page off the ground. So what else can you do?

How To Get Facebook Likes If You Don’t Have Website Traffic

Here is a very simple way of getting people to ‘Like’ your facebook page, which anyone can do, even without a website:

  1. Choose “Accounts > Use facebook as page” & begin using facebook “as your page”.
  2. Search for other facebook pages relevant to your market.
  3. Pick pages that are relevant to your customers and which have lots of followers.
  4. Click ‘Like’ on these pages (you need to do this to be able to post).
  5. Post something useful on the page you just ‘liked’ (such as tips and links, or even questions if you have one). Tip: be as genuine as possible.
  6. Return to those pages occasionally when you have something useful to share and post it. Remember step 1 when you come back or your will be posting as yourself rather than your page.

Since you are posting “as your page” people will see the title of your page next to the information you have posted. For example, here’s a simple example where I posted this tip on someone else’s marketing page:

If your facebook page title makes it clear who it is for and what you are offering, you will attract visits from potential customers, and if they like what they find they will ‘Like’ your page and grow your followers.

There are other ways to encourage ‘Likes’ of course. You can suggest it in relevant blog posts or other things your write online, just like this:

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