How To Prevent Your Account Being Hacked On Facebook

No-one wants their facebook account hacked, but it is especially important if you use facebook for business. A hacker can cause damage not only to you, but to your friends and customers, and their friends and so on.

The cost to your customers can be high, which in turn can severely damage your reputation and your business.

The Risks If Your Account Gets Hacked

If your facebook account gets hacked, the computers of all your friends will be at risk of infection through malicious links inserted into bogus facebook posts and emails appearing to come from you. This places all their personal information is at risk, including any online services (including bank accounts) which they access from the infected computer. Your friends and customers could therefore suffer a considerable financial loss—enough to make headlines.

Cyber crime is lucrative and low risk, so numerous criminal gangs are very active in using it to steal valuable information, not just credit card numbers.

It is your responsibility to keep your facebook account secure, not just for your sake but for all your friends, and the reputation of your business. Here are some recommendations…

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How To Keep Your Facebook Account Safe From Hackers

To keep your facebook account secure from being hacked I recommend you do the following. To find out how, click to read a short explanatory blog post:

  1. Enable Secure Browsing (https)
  2. Choose A Strong Password You Will Remember
  3. Don’t Re-use Your Password On Other Services


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