How To Get An Invite To Diaspora

Fed up of waiting for an invite from

Lots of folks signed up at and have been patiently waiting for an invite to try the beta of this exciting new type of social network—one where individuals control their data and not the service provider. Unlike Facebook and Google+ there is no commercial provider, and no exploitation of personal data, because the users provide the service! Its a bit like a peer-to-peer social network.

Anyway, those invites have been elusive, and the guys at are, well not that social with all that code to write. So not many people know this important fact:

You don’t need an invite to try out the Diaspora Social Network!

How To Join Diaspora

As I said, you don’t need an invite. All you have to do is find a reliable pod that is open for sign ups and create your account there because all the pods are connected. This is what you need to do:

  1. Search the online pod lists like the ones at: Choose one with a good percentage uptime and low response time, and SSL support (i.e. “https” rather than “http”).
  2. Visit the pod and sign up.
  3. Note your ID and share it with friends—send them your ID and a link to this page:
  4. Hook up with others already on diaspora
  5. Please say hi! My ID is

Diaspora Info & Resources

Not a comprehensive list but a few pointers to help those who are curious:

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