How To Choose A Domain Name On The Tube!

Stuck for a good domain name? Finding a good domain name is both important and difficult, because so many have been taken. This is especially hard for a .COM domain, but I’ll show you how to choose a great domain name that’ll work with your brand. All it takes is two simple but effective tips, and you’ll be spoilt for choice in just a few minutes!

.COM Is The Hardest Word To Reserve

.COM is the most popular top level domain, because it is usually the best. You have alternatives of course, such as (.biz .info .eu, but these may not suit your business or situation. If you want a good overall online brand, you’ll almost certainly want a .COM domain, even if you also have localised versions such as “” or “.eu” as well.

“Brain” Drain Domain

I just had this exact problem and was spending a lot of time trying to come up with domains that work, but which were not already registered. If you’ve ever tried this you’ll know that virtually every useful single word, or non-hyphenated word combination has already been taken, especially if you want to register a .COM domain.

I won’t go into why, but I wanted a .COM domain that featured a particular word (I’ll use “brain” as an example), and was not hyphenated as in “brain-food” or “brain-work”. I haven’t checked, but I absolutely guarantee that “brainfood” and “brainwork”, or any other useful comination such as those will already be taken.

Tip 1: How To Choose A Domain Name On The Tube

So I was trying to come up with good ideas for unregistered .COM domains by adding something to the end of “brain”, without a hyphen, and without it being a real word. This was fairly easy at first, but I was soon running out of ideas. Until that is, I was on my way out for the evening perusing the adverts as I sat on the London tube (our underground/metro).

The ads provided the inspiration I needed – I started searching the ads for word endings I could try combining with “brain”.

In no time I’d come up with things like “brainable”, “brainelligent”, “braintain” and before my journey ended I had nearly twenty new ideas. By spotting a word like “utopia” and using it to come up with “brainopia” etc.

This is both easy and fun, and I came up with a lot of possibilities very quickly. Of course you don’t have to be travelling on the tube (or metro)! Any old adverts will do, and in case you hadn’t noticed, there is no shortage of them as you go about your day 😉

If you have similar tips, please share them in a comment below.

Tip2: How To Choose A Domain Name Using Wordoid

Tip 1 is good, but there’s also an automatic way of doing the same thing, and which is guaranteed to only generate domains that have not been registered yet.

Most online tools for generating domain names are useless because they offer domains with hypens and all sorts of horrible tricks that rarely work will as a brand, but there are some really good ones too.

One online domain generator which I love is Wordoid. This does what I just described, but automatically, and tells you if the domain is free as “.COM” or “.NET” at the same time.

Using Wordoid you can page through and note down the ones you like, and come up with a great list of interesting possibilities very quickly!

Here’s the link: Wordoid domain name generator and checker

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