How A Small Business Can Benefit From The Twiends Demographic

Twiends logoTwiends is a free social media service that helps you build your social network: get ‘Likes’ on facebook, followers on Twitter and subscribers to your YouTube channel (see

Twiends is ideal for getting your Facebook page off the ground: securing 25 ‘Likes’ needed for a vanity URL or just getting a respectable number of ‘Likes’ to encourage others. But even though the quality of these ‘Likes’ is different, by considering the demographic of Twiends users you can create new opportunities from this exciting new service.

In this post I explain how a small business can understand and use the demographic of Twiends users to help market their services to Twiends users, as well as their networks.

I’ve written another post about Using Twiends To Get Likes For A Facebook Page. It explains in detail what Twiends is, its pros and cons, and well as how to use it.

Here’s a summary of the Twiends demographic:

Currently Twiends is used mainly by people wanting to get ‘Likes’ for their Facebook page. The more canny will also use it to find pages they genuinely want to ‘Like’ but let’s face it as well, but they are always going to be the minority.

So, based on this and some easily researched statistics, here’s a summary of the Twiends demographic:

  • Twiends friends are professional online networkers Creative Commons License photo credit: me and the sysop
  • you can understand their motivation (because you have similar goals)
  • they have more Facebook friends than the average user (130)
  • their connections are more prone to purchase online than average
  • a high proportion are business owners
  • a high proportion are working for an online business
  • all are interested in social media
  • all are interested in online marketing

You can set filters this demographic by geography:

  • you can choose them to be from a particular country

In addition, they have some hard to measure tendency towards the interest area of your page because Twiends claims to try and match pages to people’s interests when selecting the pages to offer. This is hard to quantify, and will become less significant as the pool of potential ‘Likers’ becomes depleted, but worth bearing in mind.

Use Twiends To Create Small Business Opportunities

There are opportunities in the Twiends demographic for all businesses, and there’s more benefit for any business with products and services that that appeal directly to Twiends users (such as social media or website related products and services, and especially marketing services for example). But just about any business can make intelligent use of Twiends.

Any business that is willing to understand the demographics and motives of Twiends users, can create opportunities by offering something tailored to the large numbers of followers you can rapidly acquire.

For example:

  • How about providing your own incentives to Twiends users?
  • How about visiting their profiles to find out more about them?
  • How about using Facebook insights to learn even more about them?
  • Can you find opportunities for collaboration with them?
  • How about trying a direct sales approach?

If you try Twiends please come back and let me know your experiences, and if you learned any neat tricks. To give Twiends a try create a free account at

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