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SpiderOak 2G FREE Storage - SignupAt last, privacy and security are being addressed in the cloud.

SpiderOak are late to the party, but their solution is best of breed in my opinion, and early landgrabbers like DropBox and Syncplicity (amongst others) should be quaking in their boots. By the way, all these services offer useful amounts of free storage, so if you aren’t worried about privacy for some files it is worth getting accounts on all of them. They will also give you extra free when you refer friends. This makes a new service like SpiderOak particularly worthwhile—get in quick and get your friends on-board and you could end up with quite a few free gigabytes!

Why Should DropBox And Syncplicity Fear SpiderOak?

Because they have compromised on privacy and security, so no matter how slick, for me their services suck!

But Syncplicity encrypt your data don’t they, and unlike some they encrypt it on your PC before uploading?

Indeed they do, but how secure is their encryption? Can you find full details on their website, and if not why not? Also, you may be surprised to learn that your files and folders are stored with their original names on the Syncplicity servers. 

This is bad for two reasons. Firstly it is a privacy violation—their employees have routine access to your folder structure and filenames (I know because they told me). Secondly, anyone with access to this information is in a much better position to break the encryption—so an employee, hacker or government agency will find it much easier to access your data without your knowledge or consent.

Other cloud file sharing services have even more blatant weaknesses such as: not encrypting your data at all, using weak encryption, or holding copies of decryption keys that mean they can access your data without your consent.

All those weaknesses ensure that your data is vulerable to hackers, service employees, or government agencies on request (no warrant needed). The situation is a mess and I don’t like it. My data is not actually that precious, but I still value my privacy and security of my data, which makes SpiderOak a must have even for me. But if your business depends on security of data (and most do), then this is essential and you are at risk using a less secure service.

Encrypted Online Backup—Main Features

  • backup: real time (no backup schedules to maintain, no missed backups when your PC is off)
  • backup: file versioning (keeps old versions so overwriting or deleting won’t lose your data)
  • backup: space efficient (compression and de-duplication)
  • security: super secure encryption (of file content, folder and filenames)
  • privacy: decryption possible only by you
  • synchronisation: real time on Windows, Mac, Linux & Mobile (Android, iOS, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows Phone)
  • sharing: share files publicly or in password protected “filing rooms”

SpiderOak give a lot of detail on the service, including their privacy and security (unlike other services), and there’s a comprehensive FAQ, so head there if you want more details.

SpiderOak will increase your “free for life” storage by 1G for every friend you refer, so its worth signing up while its still new and not many people are using it. So get your 2G free storage by signing up now, and me 1G more for getting you in early on the deal! 🙂

Sign up now and get 2G “free for life”—encrypted online backup from SpiderOak.

How To Get More Free Online Storage

If you use the sign-up links on this page I get some additional storage for free. You can do the same, boosting your free storage on any service. If you sign-up with SpiderOak now you’ll be one of the first and able to add to your free storage more easily.

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2 comments to Free Encrypted Online Backup, File Sharing & Synchronisation

  • David Ammouial

    Your use of a referral link makes me think your analyze is biased.

    Good practice in such situation is to use a disclaimer explaining that you have a personal interest in the visitor’s following the link, AND to offer a non-referral link.

    • Thanks for commenting David. I prefer not to clutter the message with explanations because I take the view that those who notice a referral link will realise it makes no sense for me to promote something that I don’t genuinely believe in. It would be stupid to do otherwise!

      The benefit to me here is more free space on SpiderOak so I obviously do like SpiderOak. But even if it were monetary, it is not in my interest to promote something (like a book) that isn’t really sincere for a paltry few pence/cents, which is the most that such links can generate.

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