EU Cookie Law Services – Compliance Deadline: 25th May 2012

IMPORTANT: Unless you have already acted your website is probably breaking EU privacy law–even if you are from outside the EU. Read why and what you can about this below.

Where Does The EU Cookie Directive Apply?

The EU Privacy Directive applies to all websites that cater for visitors who are EU citizens! In the UK you have until 25th May 2012 to comply, after which UK authorities plan to begin enforcement action. In other EU countries enforcement will happen locally, while the EU itself will act to enforce the directive on websites from outside the EU, something which it takes very seriously where user privacy is involved (as in recent actions brought against Google and others).

I have investigated the requirements, the practical options, and how others are tackling this issue. I’ve taken action to ensure that all the websites I manage comply with the new regulations on privacy and cookies, and created the EU Cookies Plugin to help me do this. I advise you to ensure your website complies with this law, and to help you I’ve made the plugin available as easy and cheap as possible. I also provide services for those who may need more than this, and for those who don’t run WordPress.

You will need to assess what is required in your particular case, but for most, installing the plugin will be sufficient. If you want to look into this yourself I’ve written a blog post explaining this and what I advise people do about it. Alternatively I can examine your website for you and advise on what needs doing to ensure compliance. Lucky WordPress users can use the plugin: either install yourself or have me set-up for a small fee (see below).

Don’t Delay – Act Today:

  1. Have me install and test the EU Cookies Plugin on your WordPress website
  2. Get the plugin and install it yourself (the plugin is free)
  3. Contact me for help (e.g. with your non-WordPress website)

Why Choose The EU Cookies Plugin?

Beware of other EU cookie law plugins because most create popups, disable cookies, or present other scarey or complex user interface to your website visitors. This will lost you a lot of visitors and for most websites is unnecessary overkill. You may think better safe than sorry, but the cost would be very high and can cripple functionality of your website (not just disable your analytics). So you should avoid excessive measures if at all possible.

My EU Cookies Plugin is designed for small businesses with a standard set of features, and helps your website comply with NO popups, NO scarey messages, NO complex UI barriers and without breaking website functionality. I guarantee that it won’t be offputting to your visitors.

What If I Don’t Have WordPress?

If you don’t have WordPress I can still help by setting up a similar solution, or by helping you assess what is needed for your website. If you are interested in these services email me the URL of your website, and how you would like me to help. For a simple website I can give an immediate quote for implementation. A complex website may require an audit, in which case I would quote for that work as a first step.

UK Legislation

From 26th May 2012, the UK government will begin enforcing this legislation through the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), which comes under the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). But don’t forget, this is not just for UK or EU websites, but for websites world wide.

Don’t Delay – Act Today:

Your Options:

  1. Have me install and test the EU Cookies Plugin on your WordPress website
  2. Get the plugin and install it yourself (the plugin is free)
  3. Contact me for help (e.g. with your non-WordPress website)

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