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Mark Hughes

theWebalyst.com offers a personal service, and the person is me—Mark Hughes. I like working one-to-one with people helping out with all manner of web marketing and computer issues.

I set the business up to run alongside my counselling practice so that I could help small business people like you get computers and the internet working for your business. I can do this because during thirty odd years in the computer profession I’ve always enjoyed helping people with computers. I even taught I.T. part time in Holloway Prison.

So if you need help getting something done with your computer I’d love to hear from you: theWebalyst.com is about me helping you and your business. Whether as an information resource, a place to purchase web marketing services, get help solving a computer problem, or for training in any aspect of using computers or the internet for your business.

I have used computers for running my own business for years, doing accounts, tax and VAT using spreadsheets, word processors and accounts packages, as well as marketing over the internet since the early 1990s.

Is theWebalyst.com Like Your Small Business?

Alongside theWebalyst.com I run a private counselling practice from home. So if you run a small business too, you can expect me to understand your situation and your needs.

You are probably the I.T. deparment, the marketing department, and pretty much every other department. Perhaps you have one or two people who help you do specific tasks. You need solutions that you can understand without reading endless articles. You need to spread the work, and the cost over time, and time to learn what you need in order to get value for money.

To cater for different needs you can choose from all-in-one services where you leave me to get on with things, or individual packages you put together yourself.

Choose from all-in-one services that leave you free to focus on what you enjoy and are best at, or packages that allow you to build your web marketing step-by-step, learning new skills with my support along the way.

I’ll give you individual support to solve a problem or learn a new skill. I’ll be on call to help with with web marketing, solving a problem, and generally getting your business running smoothly in the age of the internet.

Opportunities For You On The Internet

You are no doubt aware of the opportunity of online marketing for your business—to generate new business, and deliver existing or new services to your customers because:

  • New customers increasingly choose to look for services online, or to recommend things they find online through social networks.
  • Existing customers love the convenience of having services managed and delivered interactively through the web, facebook, twitter and so on.

If you don’t respond to these facts your business will struggle compared to those that do, and you will find it increasingly difficult to survive.

One of the biggest problems you face is where to start. Learning so many new things takes time, so in order to get things done you need some expert help, which is what theWebalyst.com is here to do.

You have probably realised that it is not easy to achieve, that simply creating a website is not enough. All this is happening so fast that it is impossible for you, a small business owner, to keep up with it all. Yet for reasons of control, limited manpower and cost, you will need a website that is manageable by a non-I.T. expert, and which is affordable to set-up and run.

If you think I can help, contact me today and tell me about your business.

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