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Computers, software, and the internet have changed our lives. It is amazing what we can now take for granted compared to even ten years ago.

Almost everyone has a computer or uses one, especially to access the internet, almost daily. Yet learning how to do something new—or finding out if it is even possible—can be a mammoth task unless you have ‘someone who knows’ and can show you.

Whether you need help getting some software working, a printer printing, putting your club or business accounts into a spreadsheet, or a home network set up. I am ‘someone who usually knows’, and loves to help others. And when I don’t know, which is actually quite often of course, I also love to find out and get a solution.

Your Computer Problems Solved

Whatever you want to get done with your computer I can help (although I am a Windows/PC specialist, not Mac, so bear that in mind). Here are just some of the ways I help individuals and businesses with computers:

  • how to use a computer or the internet

I used to teach I.T. to the young women in Holloway Prison and enjoy teaching at any level, from the absolute basics to advanced. I recognise everyone has their own aptitudes, goals and learning style so I will work in a way that suits you.

  • installing or fixing software, printers, networks, you name it
  • setting up club or business accounts in Excel, MS Office, OpenOffice etc
  • setting up websites, domain names, email accounts
  • general advice on what to buy for different PC tasks

In short, I can help with pretty much any practical or learning task that you want to learn on a one-to-one basis, because this is how I enjoy working. Nothing is too simple, or too complex.

Why Choose Me?

My first job was designing computers so I literally know them inside out. I’ve been using the internet since it started in the 1980’s, wrote and marketed my own HTML editor and sold it from my website during the 1990’s, and have followed every development along the way.

At the same time I have always mentored or taught others, because I enjoy it. I have a teaching qualification as well as (according to others) an aptitude for explaining things so that people can understand and learn.

How I Help Individuals With Computer Tasks

Training & Tutoring

For training/tutoring we will work one-to-one by phone, Skype or preferably in person. Often a combination will work best. Especially if what you need is supporting when you get stuck, rather than a ‘lesson’ on a particular topic.

Problem Solving

If you want me to undertake a task for you I will generally find out what you want, produce this for you, and then show you the results which might well include some training as above.

Mixing Problem Solving With Learning

Of course you might want me to solve a problem and by showing you how I do it, teach you something along the way. Whether this works will depend on the problem, but this is a possibility too.

Fees For Problem Solving, Tutoring & Training

I charge according to the way of working as follows:

  • phone or skype is £1/minute (approx $1.60 in Dec 2010)
  • in person £50/hour*
  • problem solving or email based help is charged by arrangement (e.g. I may quote you a price for a task, or bill you for my time at £50/hour but I charge only for actual time spent and there is no minimum)

*In person fees are charged for the actual ‘contact time’ (e.g. time on your premises) with the following conditions:

  • Site Visits: £100 minimum charge for a visit to your home/premises within 1 hour travel from E17 6LG (according to TfL London Journey Planner timings). So you pay for at least two hours of my time.
  • Visiting Me: £50 minimum charge if you visit me at E17 6LG. So you pay for at least one hour of my time.

As noted, I am a PC/Windows expert not Mac, so if you have a Mac consider me only for non-Mac specific tasks (such as using the internet, websites etc.)

Where To Start

Whether you are clear about what you want, or are not sure yet, I recommend starting with a chat!

So please contact me (Mark Hughes) in person by email or phone and we’ll take it from there.

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