Why Implement Google’s +1 (plus-one) Button?

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Why implement Google’s +1 button? Well, if it brought more website visitors from Google search, that would be reason enough. But does it?

To do this it must influence search engine rankings (or SERP) for Google.

Does Google’s +1 (plus-one) Button Affect SERP?

Google have stated that people clicking on the +1 button . . . → Read More: Why Implement Google’s +1 (plus-one) Button?

Is A URL Shortener Bad For SEO?

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I first started using a URL shortener for sharing links on Twitter. Shortening a URL to leave space for the rest of a 140 character tweet was a godsend, but I realised they have other uses too (see below) so I began using them a lot.

But hang on, if Google and search engines . . . → Read More: Is A URL Shortener Bad For SEO?